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Penis pump mistaken for bomb at TSA airport screening

Xeni Jardin:
I warned you people. But you just won’t listen.

Mardin Azad Amin found himself in a tight squeeze last week when security at O’Hare Airport discovered a suspicious-looking object in his luggage.
So Amin, 29, handled the delicate situation this way: He told security the object was a bomb, Cook County prosecutors said.
The security guard then asked Amin to repeat what he’d said to a supervisor. This time, Amin was chuckling as he spoke, prosecutors said.
In fact, Amin was trying to disguise the fact that the black object — resembling a grenade — was a component for a penis pump. …

Link to story. (Thanks, Baptiste)

Reader comment: Pedro Pinheiro (Peter Pinetree) in Portugal says,

I don’t know the origin of the gentleman in question, but in some languages (such as in Portuguese, my first language), the word for “bomb” and “pump” is the same, thus perhaps the reason for the story.


Yoda backpack

Mark Frauenfelder:

 Images Yodabackpack

This Yoda backpack is a surefire chick (or dude, take your pick) magnet. Link

just the thing we have been waiting for…

PC case modded to look like a movie bad-guy bomb

Cory Doctorow:

The WMD is a custom-built PC whose case resembles a shiny, hollywoodized terrorist bomb, straight out of a Bond flick. Bit-Tech has the incredibly detailed, lavish write-up of the build. The attention to detail is really remarkable.
(via Digg)

…just don\’t try going through the airport security with this one…

Via Boing Boing

How to Make Fire with a Condom


This is actually extremely useful, if it works. And if it’s sunny out. And maybe even if you have nothing better to do than to test it out this weekend.

From Mike Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska:
Clear latex balloons, condoms and gloves are opaque untill they stretch. The focal length on these spheres is short, about one to two inches, depending on the size of the balloon. [via neatorama]

put this down in your notebook!

In Taiwan, a condo project called “BLOG”

Xeni Jardin:
A real estate developer in Taiwan decided to cash in on the coolness associated with the word “blog” by branding a condo project “BLOG.” One problem, though: they neglected to register the “” domain they stuck all over related ads.

Link to snapshot, and Link to related post on “Taipei Nights” blog, which is not a condo project at all. Neither is BoingBoing, despite the fact that it is my home. (Thanks, Peter and Premshree)

a condo called blog!! why, i should live in it!

Woman busted for importing dried human head in luggage

Cory Doctorow:
A woman’s been arrested at the Fort Lauderdale airport for attempting to import a dessicated head from Haiti — she said she needed it to protect her from evil spirits.

“Severe stated that she had obtained the package, which contained a human head, from a male in Haiti for use as part of her voodoo beliefs,” the US Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

A spokesman for Miami’s immigration and customs agency told the AFP news agency that the head was not simply a skull.

“It had teeth, hair and skin, and quite a lot of dirt,” she said.”>

crazy people

Stores paint ads on roofs for satellite map services

Cory Doctorow:

Some commercial outfits are painting giant ads on their roofs for the benefit of the aerial/satellite photos used by services like Google Earth/Google Maps.
(via Digg)


Doll-house version of Bilbo’s house under the hill

Cory Doctorow:

A doll-house maker/Tolkien fan has built the most amazingly meticulous, detailed doll-house version of Bilbo Baggins’s snug little house at Bag End.
(Thanks, Mike!)


Via Boing Boing

Italian Engrish on gas pump

Mark Frauenfelder:
Picture 3-34
Want to fill your car’s fuel tank in Italy? No problem — just make sure you “out to the spy of the select bomb, to take the supplier.” That’s what I always do.

i don\’t know where in italy this is from…

HOWTO make a prizewinning paper airplane

Cory Doctorow:
A group of UK students have created a king-hell paper airplane for a competition. The Times of London covers the story, along with the team’s best tips for making your own prize-winning paper airplanes.

# The nose must be heavy to ensure stable flight. A paper clip on the nose should allow the plane to fly further

# If the plane tends to nose-dive because of the heavy nose, bend the back edge of the wings upwards slightly

# The centre of gravity should be towards the front to prevent the plane from stalling

# The wings should be angled upwards to give the plane a slight “Y” shape when viewed from the front

# Winglets added to the edge of the wings will reduce drag

# Check for symmetry by looking down the nose of the plane and refold it if necessary. It will not fly smoothly if it is not entirely symmetrical

# Be patient and make small adjustments rather than radical changes to the basic design


Update: Philip sez, “Though the judges lauded the Avenger’s design, it actually bombed at the competition. The winner was Spruce Moose

Originally posted by Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing Blog, ReBlogged by julianbleecker on Nov 24, 2005 at 10:53 AM

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