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Finnish President said “Yes” by SMS

In the home of Nokia, the world’s largest cell phone maker, Tarja Halone – Finland’s popular first female president – has been quick to catch onto trends by accepting a marriage proposal six years ago via text messaging rather than talking on the phone, for fear of personnel overhearing.”

oh those cool finnish…

Sketchup Google Earth

With SketchUp’s new Google Earth plug-in., you can how have the ultimate virtual site model in an instant. Export your own 3D model directly to a KMZ file and your done.

via Informationlab

this one for Oriol

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First photos of the new Macbook pro!

84929030 2Ed2Ed1B31 TWe spent some time with the new Intel-based Macbook. Wow–it’s super fast. As we take photos, we’re automatically uploading them to Flickr via WiFi-Kodak wireless camera and the roaming EVDO Wifi network we’re broadcasting — so here they are, some of the first photos with hot system info action, too! Link.

not much to look at (since there’s no design changes), but this post is for those who really want to see it..

Via MAKE: Blog

The Only OS X Tablet Never Sold.

itablet.jpgYesterday everyone doggy-piled on the iTab, an iBook hardware hack that was put to auction on eBay. Naturally, this limited edition series of 100 iTabs did not meet with eBay’s standards. Did this surprise anyone? Today there is a new auction, starting bid $1,500 (zero bidders so far). The folks behind the iTab, ThePlaceforitAll, have done some great software mods—but hardware? I’d sooner put money down on how quickly this auction will disappear.

That said, I do love the idea behind this imaginary machine.

The iTab is built by taking Apple’s excellent 12” iBook laptop, taking the screen off, applying a touchscreen, then flipping the screen around and fastening it on. The whole thing is finished off by putting the leftover screen backing over the top of the iTab, giving it the “rounded white edges.” The image above is a very close approximation of what iTab should look like when constructed. The iTab is not built yet.

Product Page


Slashdot | The Letter That Won US Internet Control

via slashdot: K-boy writes “Pushing my own scoop, but I think it’s a valuable piece of Net history, I have come into possession of the vital letter sent by Condoleezza Rice to the EU over Internet governance. And posted it on the Web.

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SNL Parodies iPod’s Planned Obsolescence


Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update anchors Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host special guest *Steve Jobs* who unveils a whole new line of iPods. The parody of Apple’s planned obsolescence program for the iPod includes the debut of the iNvisa media player. video link.

this is so funny, you have to watch it.


starsight.jpgStarSight is one of those ideas that makes one wonder why it wasn’t developed years ago. StarSight combines a street light — something which can bring down crime rates dramatically — with solar panel, wireless network (WiFi or WiMax), remote management, local network access, and (optionally) hookups for charging small devices. The designers, UK-based Kolam Partnership and Singapore’s Nex-G, describe StarSight as being a key element of a “virtual utility,” a low-cost, low-maintenance provider of intangible but very useful services such as public lighting and wireless networks. All of this is very cool, and makes a great deal of sense, but there’s one last element that makes it truly worldchanging:

Its first deployment is in Cameroon, and the designers have explicitly intended the system for use in the rapidly-urbanizing developing world. Mike Butcher at the Financial Times has the details.

A technology to roll out green energy street lighting along with telecommunications and power could well be the great leap forward for which Africa is looking.

Yannick Gaillac, founding partner of the Kolam Partnership, is enthusiastic: “This project will definitely change lives for the poorest people in the world and that’s what I wanted to do. We didn’t invent these basic technologies, but we are gathering them together in one solution.”

Morocco, China and India are said to be next on StarSight’s list for potential sites for the system. And the set-up is not limited to lighting and communication — other potential uses include disaster warning systems, pollution monitors, and other location-aware network services.

(Thanks for the tip, Mike!)

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nice, but it looks so bulky… and i\’m gonna bet it\’d never pass for fashion in pretty Treviso

Flying Robots to Police From Above

micro air vehicle.jpg
We’ve all seen them in the movies and thought “How Cool”, followed closely by “Honey, where’s my shotgun?” But, according to Drudge, Honeywell in the US is well along the road to building spy drones that will fly through our cities. It’s no looker, but equipped with cameras and various other sensors (iPod locators for enterprising thieves?), the Micro Air Vehicle has already performed more than 200 successful test flights, including one through a fake, urban setting. Battery powered, it can stay aloft for nearly one hour and hit top speeds of around 35 miles per hour. The military are already testing them and, sporting in-built GPS, they can be used for reconnaissance and target acquisition. Civvies Street could see them within 3-4 years where they will used mostly for target practice and looking through naked chicks’ windows.


HOW TO – Backup Your DVD Movies

Dvd-1Mark Pilgram of Greasemonkey hacks fame has a great how-to on backing up your DVDs on Mac OS X “Following up on the wildly popular guides on converting DVDs and other video files for your video iPod, I’ve put together a short video tutorial on how to use MacTheRipper and DVD2OneX to backup your DVDs on Mac OS X.” [via] Link.

this should be useful

Everything You Need to Know: iPod Video

ipodvideolcd.jpgYeah, we have beat this iPod Video like a dead horse, but this will be the last post (most likely not) about it, I swear. Clint Ecker over at arstechnica has put together one of the best iPod Video reviews/analysis around. He covers pretty much everything, then when you think he is done, he tears the bitch apart and shows you everything from the inside. If you are lingering on the ropes whether to purchase an iPod Video, definitely give this a read, it will either seal or break the deal. He covers everything: the packaging, the physical size, the accessories, widescreen, a huge in-depth look at the video support, battery life, durability, etc. Now if only all tech writing was this good.

Video iPod [arstechnica]

This should be useful — ann

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