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Tim Berners-Lee on the neutrality of the net

Tim Berners-Lee has posted on his blog why we must have the neutrality of the net.From the post.“It is of the utmost importance that,if I connect to the Internet,and you connect to the Internet,that we can then run any Internet application we want,without discrimination as to who we are or what we are doing. We pay for connection to the Net as though it were a cloud which magically delivers our packets. We may pay for a higher or a lower quality of service. We may pay for a service which has the characteristics of being good for video,or quality audio.But we each pay to connect to the Net,but no one can pay for exclusive access to me. When I was a child,I was impressed by the fact that the installation fee for a telephone was everywhere the same in the UK,whether you lived in a city or on a mountain,just as the same stamp would get a letter to either place.To actually design legislation which allows creative interconnections between different service providers,but ensures neutrality of the Net as a whole may be a difficult task.It is a very important one.The US should do it now,and,if it turns out to be the only way,be as draconian as to require financial isolation between IP providers and businesses in other layers.The Internet is increasingly becoming the dominant medium binding us.The neutral communications medium is essential to our society.It is the basis of a fair competitive market economy.It is the basis of democracy,by which a community should decide what to do.It is the basis of science,by which humankind should decide what is true.Let us protect the neutrality of the net”.

Neutrality of the Net

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Cycling ’74 Relaunches Site, Forum; Max/MSP Knowledge Thrives

Looking for new wisdom and expertise on tools like the insanely deep Max/MSP/Jitter? (If you’re using Max, signs point to yes.) Cycling ’74 relaunched their site ( a couple of weeks ago, incorporating a variety of features that make this an indispensible resource for users of Max and other products. Since late last month, the new site has gotten rolling fast. Collective intelligence, meet Max.

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