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Decapitated bear USB flash drive


Oh yes…another superfluous flash drive modification. But hey – awesome choice for baby showers, kids’ birthdays, or any occasion that calls for a cuddly 256MB beheaded bear.

via ohgizmo

HAHAHAHAHAHA… oh, man, why didn\’t i think of this…

Care for Some Wood?

Lothar of the Hill People sometimes needs to carry his multimedia with him as he clomps through the underbrush. How does he do it, you ask? With this weird wooden USB key. Why anyone else in their right mind would go for these wooden USB drives is beyond me, unless of course you’re dying to wear one around your neck with the accompanied piece of leather. Yikes.

The flash drive comes in “various hardwood,” in case you care.

Got Wood?

oh no, that was my idea…

itp ambient display

itpambient.jpgseveral ambient visualization devices that represent time-varying data in an aesthetic way in the periphery of human attention. designed & prototyped by students, these ambient displays include
Visual Heart Music: an art installation which receives the viewer’s heart rate & parses it to generate generative images & sounds,
Presence Frames: networked picture frames that indicate the presence of the person in the picture using motion detection, &
Slumberlights, glowing picture blocks for ambient, distant communication via a luminescent cube containing a photograph of a distant friend or family member that glows when that person is asleep.
see also collaborative physical user interface for a similar large collection of ambient information visualization devices. [|via]

Oakley high-voltage LED bag

Rosanna Kilfedder’s cool solar-powered Sun Trap handbag isn’t commercially available yet, but Oakley’s High Voltage tote is, and it has two LEDs that light up the roomy cotton/nylon insides when you open it. I realized how badly I needed this tonight when I managed to lose a gigantic mobile phone power adaptor in my tightly packed handbag. Of course, this may largely be due to my pack rat tendencies and inability to carry less than about 30 lbs. of gadgetry, papers, books, gum and candy, makeup, more snacks,…well you get the point, but I like to blame it on the darkness. The High Voltage tote is good for organization too, with multiple inside and outside pockets. I clearly need one right away. Compression straps will hold in the contents of the bag in case you don’t stuff it to the gills the way I do.

The lights aren’t so bright you’ll be able to read by them, but should be helpful in locating a power cable jammed into an overstuffed internal pocket. Not sure what type of battery life you can expect, but I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be easily replaceable.

The Oakley High Voltage bag is $125 and comes in black, white, or olive green. The smaller version, the Low Voltage is $100 and comes in berry, white or black. Both are available from Oakley or Zappos.

Its strange that noone came up with this one sooner…

Geek jewelry


There are a lot of designers who use computer and electronic parts to create their jewelry, but often times you end up looking like you’re wearing a computer chip around your neck (and who wants to announce their geekdom more than they need to? Well, some people I guess). In general, chip jewelry reminds me of my grad school days – the height of my techie-geek phase. We’d sit around with chips, capacitors, resistors and LEDs, breathing in way too many soldering fumes, and often we’d spontaneously make little necklaces and earrings out of these parts. I understand the appeal – electronic components are surprisingly beautiful.

Liz McLean creates a collection called Zelle that certainly has a fair share of computer chip-as-pendant designs, but she does create pieces that are inspired from more traditional designs. Even though I don’t think I’d wear the blue capacitor necklace myself, I do like the spark of color and how they resemble semi-precious stones. I don’t think I’d mind, however, having the Hex Bracelet around my wrist. They’re made of hex standoffs woven together and the end result is similar to a metal watchband. A big plus is that she’ll make it to size, which is great because most times, bracelets are way too big on my bony wrists.

Check out her other pieces at Fractal Spin

These pieces speak directly to the GEEEEEK in me. (And theres a lot of geek in here)

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