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Classic B&W horror film stills with photoshopped color

Cory Doctorow:

Today on the Worth1000 photoshopping contest: colorize stills from classic black-and-white horror films.

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Thai water-taxis made from canoe-mounted truck-engines

Cory Doctorow:

James Gosling took a series of photos of Thailand’s Longtail water-taxis, which are made by attaching a propeller-equipped diesel truck engine to the end of an oversized canoe. The photos are pretty impressive.

When you look at them when they get closer, you see a truck engine mounted on the stern with a long piece of pipe stretching out toward the bow that the boatman holds on to. There’s another piece of pipe welded onto the transmission pointing out toward the stern.

When the boatman pushes on his piece of pipe, it rotates the engine left, right, up or down. When he pushes down, it rotates the tail upward and you get to see the business end of the beast: a naked propeller just hanging out there.

nks, Simon!)

I’d say Thai stuff is the sensation of the month at Fabrica…

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End of an Era: Nikon Stops Making Film Cameras

nilon f.jpg

We took a lot of pictures in architecture school, and this Treehugger desperately wanted a Nikon F, the big, chunky and very expensive camera that every pro used. They were the standard of quality that everything was judged against if you were not into retro Leicas. We settled on the new Olympus OM-1- smaller and cheaper. Twenty-five years later it is still working perfectly and our daughter takes very fine pictures with it, and we have spent happy hours together in our basement darkroom printing pictures.

Now, the Leitz Focomat enlarger is covered in a bag and we are storing old computer parts in the darkroom. The cameras no longer last 25 years- a very brief exposure to water destroyed our Canon Elph. A hard drive failure and poor backup habits mean that all we have as a record of a few years of our kids growing up are a few prints that are fading away alarmingly fast.

There may be some environmental benefits in switching from film to electronics. (we wrote about that here) But we are losing something- cameras that last a lifetime and can go anywhere; shoeboxes of our parent’s pictures. It is inevitable but it is sad.

The entire treehugger team went nuts on this; read them below the fold. ::The Register thanks, Tipster Remy

Photo: lesbian kiss in Tiananmen Square under guards, Mao

Xeni Jardin:

Link, and here is another angle, and another and another. (Thanks, Pete!)

Andy Rosen’s punk photos on Flickr

David Pescovitz:
Underground photographer Andy Rosen posted his stunning series “London Punks 1976-1984″ to Flickr. Seen here, David J. of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets. Other photos include Johnny Rotten, Siouxsie Sioux, Paul Weller, and a slew of live shots of The Clash.
Link (via We Make Money Not Art)

Make a Calendar from Flickr photos

6208920 6512F1E908 SThis site allows you to enter any image or Flickr photo location and it will generate a calendar. You need to select each month and create the months manually, but with just 12 photos and little bit of time you could make a nice present for someone during the holidays. [via] Link. Oh, here’s mine – it’s November, and that’s “cyborg your dog” month here.

yay! great budget xmas presents!!!

Pix of gigantic heaps of discarded objects

Cory Doctorow:

Chris Jordan photographs unbelievably gigantic heaps of discarded, mass produced objects (see the adjascent photo of a mountain of mobile phone chargers). The effect is ghastly and gorgeous at once — we make a lot of stuff and it goes obsolete goddamned fast, by golly.

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Europe’s ancient, gorgeous sewers

Cory Doctorow:
These galleries of urban explorers’ photos of Europe’s gorgeous, ancient sewers are thrilling and eerie. Some of these are ancient, some are modern, all are the secret world under the streets that we can hear gurgling when there’s no one else around.
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Liquid-nitro-dipped rose being shot, captured in high speed photos

Cory Doctorow:

Here is a Flickr set of high-speed photos of various objects being shot. The highlight is this picture of a rose dipped in liquid nitrogen and captured in the act of shattering. As Checkov wrote, “If there is a gun, a vat of liquid nitrogen, and a rose on the mantelpiece in the first act, it will be used in connection with high-speed photography by the third act.”
(Thanks, Amy!)

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