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Tom Richmond’s inking tutorial

Hot off the heels of his colouring tutorial (previously on Drawn!), MAD Magazine’s Tom Richmond offers up a wonderfully-detailed and thorough tutorial on how he inks one of his illustrations. He explains the tools he uses, the various types of inks, how he holds his pens, how he moves his arms, cross-hatching, solid blacks — you name it! He even drops a few secrets of some of the older generation of MAD artists like Mort Drucker and Jack Davis.

Tom Richmond’s Inking Tutorial: Part One | Part Two

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Co. & Co.

Company and Company is a group of like-minded artists and designers from Halifax and Brooklyn (an interesting matching of cities if ever I’ve seen one). While their online portfolio is more geared towards graphic design than illustration and traditional drawing, the sketchbook section of the site is just the opposite, and is a joy to browse. Included in the group is the previously-blogged Ray Fenwick.

Halifax and Brooklyn are two of my favorite cities, I’m way into this pairing. –L.N.R.

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the logos of the web 2.0


Ludwig Gatzke’s compiled nearly 400 Web 2.0 logos. WOW!

Click here for a breakdown of the fonts used in some of the fontshop’s favorite brands.

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this reminds me of logo books



Typetester : Check any type you like and you can see how it will display in different sizes, colors, treatments, etc.

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Greenpeace tee-design contest: FUKC

Cory Doctorow:

Gillo sez, “At Greenpeace we are running a t-shirt design competition for our Kleercut campaign, the winner will have his/her design printed on Greenpeace t-shirts. Kleercut is a campaign against Kimberly Clark, Kleenex tissues (and toilet paper) manufacturers. Have a look at the site for more details. The idea is to have a contest for the best t-shirt design with the acronym ‘FUKC’ that needs to be accompanied somewhere on the t-shirt by the saying explicitly ‘Forget Using Kimberly-Clark'”
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go graphics go! we know you designed t-shirts 😉

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Best mag covers of the past 40 years

Cory Doctorow:

The American Society of Magazine Editor’s gallery of the 40 best magazine covers of the past 40 years is hilarious and inspiring.
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