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Homemade air conditioner

Here’s another homemade air conditioner using an old fan, copper tubing and cooler with ice water – Link.

Other homemade air conditioners – Link.

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I’m filing this under “inspirations” too.

Bicycam – A simple camera mount for bikes

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Jens writes – “Bicycam is a very simple camera mount for bikes made out of a bike bell.”Link.

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Papercraft pinhole camera

David Pescovitz:
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Here’s a sharp looking papercraft pinhole camera you can download, cut, and build. It’s a design that was published in a 1979 issue of “ABC mladých techniků a přírodovědců” (“An ABC of Young Technicians and Natural Scientists”) and translated for digital download by the Linatree photo printer and virtual gallery.
Link (Thanks, Peder Burgaard!)

Via Boing Boing

DIY iSight Tripod Mount

Isight I was just making one of these when MAKE pal Steve sent this in! – “Well, as you may know I like to shoot a timelapse video now and then… I’ve been using an earlier version of this iSight tripod mount for about a year, so today I thought I’d share the new and improved version: It consists of a couple of pieces of hardwood braced at a 90 degree angle… I have one piece of wood with two holes in it (the mounting plate), and then a piece of wood that is 90 degrees to the mounting plate for the iSight bracket to grab on to, and then two triangles (with the corners cut off)… “ Link.

Seeing that we use a lot of iSights here, maybe this would be helpful for Carlo — and others :-)

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