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“Union is strength”



From our friend Eltono in Spain: “Union is strength, a new crew has just born 😉 “EL EQUIPO PLASTICO” The members are: Eltono – Nano4814 – Nuria – Sixe. Check our brand new web site: with new unpublished works!

great pattern!

Festival Arte Bastardo in Bologna


On June 17 and 18, artists from across Europe will be convening in Bologna for the festival of urban art-bastardo. Organized by piu from Barcelona, the show will feature murals, concerts, performance, instalation, proieccions, and fanzines from such artists as CHANOIR, KUZZ, BLOND, TOFU , BLU, LOLO , SAM3, FUCHS…….

Check after the jump for more info

Amnesty International’s “See Through Signs”


On their website, Amnesty International has a series of images that look remarkably similar to the work of Tono in Chicago.

You may remember Tono. He does the amazing “see through signs” that we’ve featured on the Wooster site for quite some time.

Web Biennial


Web Biennial’s new gallery exclusive for “” is online. Please hack this folder to show your works. It is free, open for all, first come first serve, self service. Please keep the title tags of the index page as usual; “Web Biennial -Name of the Artist – Name of the Project”.

Web Biennial aims to offer an alternative approach to exhibiting online art and it brings an alternative method for exhibiting art online. It is the first international bi-annual contemporary art exhibition created exclusively for the World Wide Web (W.W.W). It is an open non-curated, non-thematic exhibition and it does not have any sponsors.

Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iS.CaM; Büyük Hendek Cad. No:37/2, Galata Kuledibi, Beyog˜lu, Istanbul Turkey |

more net art…

Call for Participation:


Summer of MySpace

Call for Participation: The Summer of MySpace – an online exhibition; Curated by Patrick Lichty – The Curator of MySpace; myspace[at]; Friend Request Dates – 5/21/06 – 8/31/06.

MySpace is a cultural phenomenon. Millions of people have poured their lives into this online community, making it the most successful to date, surpassing Friendster, Xuqa, and Facebook. Millions of hours of creative time by its users, aspiring bands, models, and magazines have been placed into this online agora. But is MySpace a creative space? “Summer of MySpace” asks a number of questions about this burgeoning hang-out haven:

Has MySpace become a new art medium or New Media/Net artform, or can it be used as one? Can the selection of ‘friends’ and their spaces be called a form of curation? In making profiles, do we make ourselves into art objects? What does it mean to ask to be a ‘friend’? Is a form of curation?

Is MySpace merely a space for the colonization of youth culture by corporations and consumer culture? Is MySpace’s success representative of a truly new form of community? What other questions about relationships, society, art, and culture does MySpace present? Is MySpace limited by the way it’s made, or can we subvert the profile for our own desires?

“Summer of MySpace” fires a probe into this unknown territory, asking all these questions, and setting up a stage for the Internet Summer of Love of the 00’s.

Come, be my friend. Let me show you as a shiny new piece of art. Let us curate and be curated, befriend and be befriended in this brave new land of joy and irony.

Let’s see what happens. Get on the magic bus.

Submission Procedure:

All you need to do is to set up a profile, make it into an ‘artwork’, make yourself into an ‘artwork’, make a place for your ‘artwork’, and ask me to be your friend. That’s what curation is all about, isn’t it? The rest is up to us!

Peace, all!
-Patrick Lichty
(The Curator of MySpace)

net art, i guess?

Seen On The Streets of Toronto


Artist: specter (kops crew)

makes you go, hmmmmm? (we’re liking Toronto this week!)

Stephen Wiltshire — The “Human Camera” — draws Rome after flyover

Mark Frauenfelder:
From the documentary Beautiful Minds: A Voyage into the Brain, savant Stephen Wiltshire takes a 45-minute helicopter ride over Rome, seeing it for the first time. For the next five days, he draws a remarkably accurate panorama of city on a fifteen-foot long sheet of paper. Link


Via Boing Boing

Essays and photos: “The Saddest Thing I Own”

Mark Frauenfelder:
“The Saddest Thing I Own” is a site where people are invited to submit images of photos, mementos, and other reminders of things that make them sad.

200605010827“The Saddest Thing I Own” invites people everywhere to share the saddest thing they own. What are these sad things? What makes things sad? Do things start off sad? Do some sad things begin as happy things that then become sad? Are some things only sad because for some sad reason we kept them? Are some things just plain sad no matter what? This is what we want to know.


warning: this site is crazy addictive and really depressing, kind of like listening to break up songs, i guess…

Via Boing Boing

Roadsworth’s Apple Tree



From Roadsworth:

“This is something that was done for earth day here in Quebec. Stayed up all night with a couple of friends painting this apple tree or at least a branch thereof representing the various stages of the tree’s development or at least from budding through fruit stages. Not that it would stand up to any kind of botanical rigor but you get the idea. Just as we were applying the final touches, the mayor and other political types including the leader of the Bloc Quebecois (or is it the Parti Quebecois?) showed up to plant a tree and a photo op. I had to pose for the cameras beside one of the trees in question, covered in paint, cracked out from no sleep. While no stranger to the media (here in Quebec it’s not hard to get media attention-we’ve got our own star system here and Cruise and Holmes are not even in the top 50) this was a little much. Can we at least get some makeup over here. I’ve got snot smeared all over my face and it looks like I’ve pissed my pants (i didn’t though I swear). I was just starting to break the top 100 here in Quebec but I can forget about it now.”

for places that don’t have the real stuff like our Villorba farm land… this is pretty cute

Seen In The East Village of New York


Artists: Cern and Cekis from Chile
Location: E 4th St. between Ave C and Ave D

i used to live 2 blocks away from that location! me miss new york!

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