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Jeon Joonho at Scai the Bathhouse

scai the bathhouse

Currently on display in Scai the Bathhouse in Tokyo is the Jeon Joonho exhibit, an artist who is known for his projected banknotes with animated scenes in them. The video at the bathhouse is of a helicopter that brings letters to a hillside one by one, to spell out “WELCOME”. Perhaps his more widely recognized work is of the White House where a painter brings his ladder and paints over the windows and doors, until it seems entirely impenetrable.



From Beat in Switzerland:

the idea of Windowzoo is simple. you know those bird-stickers one uses to scare birds away from big glass-surfaces (so they won’t fly into the glass)? my firned started making his own bird-shapes out of sticky foil, and keeps putting them up on various locations all around the world – but almost always on glass, also besides the “boring” standard-stickers. As this is non-destructive art only visible to those with keen eyes and a sense for discovering the unusual, it remains exhibited longer – and generates more buzz among those in the know.

right now there are 169 birds in 55 cities all around the globe. have a look at the worldmap showing the locations that he put up in the “about” section.

posting this because if you see it, you’ll know what it’s all about…

[VVORK for the day]


»Tracing Future«, by Ram Katzir.

Video projects by Jeroen Kooijmans (via VVORK)


»Waiting« from 1999 is a permanent video projection in the public space of the railway station of Hoofddorp/The Netherlands. It consists of 2 characters, a boy and a girl who are waiting in 2 different places at the station every day. They wait the hole year: in winter in warm clothes and when it’s hot in summer clothes.


»Train Dance« from 1997 is a projection on passing trains in Copenhagen. »Maybe Marnixstraat« from 1998 consists of 2 video images projected from 2 driving vans onto buildings, cars and streets passing by.


»Guards« is a projection of miniature PS1 security guards inside PS1. All projects by Jeroen Kooijmans.

Sistine Chapel de Paco


Talk about an ambitious project!.

Paco, a graffiti artist originally from Sarajevo, is using spray paint to recreate Michelangelo’s entire Sistine Chapel ceiling in, of all places, Waterloo, Iowa.

You can check out the photos of the work in progress here.

(Thanks, Mr. Shrew)

Hotel Doodles from Jon Burgerman


(Click above to enlarge and see the whole room)

“I recently did this in Italy. I just started drawing on one side of the room and ended up on the other side a day or so later (you can’t get a simpler working process; what I draw is what you get!) It was commissioned by Miss Sixty, for their hotel, 60 Hotel, in Riccione, east Italy.”… Jon

now if we can just someone to commission Andy Rementer…

Cruel trick: concrete-filled soccer balls

Mark Frauenfelder:
Two men were arrested in Berlin on suspicion of filling soccer balls with concrete and then placing them in public areas with signs encouraging people to kick the balls.

KickmePolice said they had identified a 26-year-old and a 29-year-old and had found a workshop in their apartment where they made the balls. The two are accused of causing serious physical injury, dangerous obstruction of traffic and causing injury through negligence, police said.

(Thanks for the graphic, Tim!)

maybe the “kick me” part is a bit over the top, but I the idea of random concrete footballs on the streets.

Another Crate Piece from Melbourne



Crate Tetris by Sam, Jerome, Ed and Gab,


World anthem

The Communication Art and Design department of the RCA had several good surprises such as Simon Elvins’ FM Radio Map and Anthony Hart‘s International Anthem.

01anthm.jpg 02anthm.jpg

A map of the globe is printed on the disk. Face A covers the Northern Hemisphere. Face B, the Southern one. As the needle of the record player travels through each country, it plays that country’s national anthem. Through the process of playing all anthems are almalgamated to create an international anthem.

More images from Anthony Hart’s work.

Mark Jenkins – genius in my book


It’s about friggin’ time someone stepped it up in the realm of public art. Mark Jenkins’ Embeds tape and clothing sculptures continue to confuse the hell out of people in DC. View passerby reactions here.

via wooster collective

Via’s design blog

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