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Artist makes faux Chinese lacquer scenes from porn mags

Xeni Jardin:
Chinese-American artist Yun Bai makes “porn flower” collages from adult magazine snippets. She laquers them together to create trompe l’oeil scenes that look like traditional mother-of-pearl tableaus at a distance. Up close, however, you can see the dirty bits. Link to artist website. Use the pull-down menu to select “porn flowers,” and choose the heading marked “Sold” to see more. (Thanks, Hillary)

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Womb House


The master brain behind the multidisciplinary company called ‘Atelier van Lieshout’ is the artist Joep van Lieshout. His art factory produces installations, sculptures, furniture, architecture and everything in between, van Lieshout is especially famous for his ‘Mobile Homes’. Strange organic environments, sometimes added to existing architecture, but also presented as architectural installations on their own. In has recent work he is focusing on the human figure, or it’s internal organs, in his art. He uses organs like the liver, heart and womb but also more sexual explicit ones like the penis and the vagina.

His work is best described as conceptual, but it’s far from difficult to understand. He plays with known imaginary, known cultural icons and basic human feelings and embraces them in his installation. His work is all about exploration and experiences, the exploration of the artist, but maybe even more the exploration of the visitors engaging the work of van Lieshout.

I can imagine entering the large rectum installation called “Bar Rectum” with a huge smile on my face getting something to drink or do some lounging, or going back to my origin in the “Womb House” and feel finally safe again.

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Via The Art Of Love :: Erotic art & nude photography

Hey! A womb with a view! This reminds me of a previous project interactive was proposing recently… hehehehehehe

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