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UVA Untitled LED Sculpture

Reporting on Friday Late: Transvision.


One of my favorite pieces from the transvision night was a responsive LED sculpture by United Visual Artists. Installed in the John Madejski Garden, from afar looked like people worshiping the arrival of an alien spaceship, whilst up close you could feel the warmth of all those LEDs. As you approached it, custom camera tracking software detected your presence and reacted by changing the visuals and booming out some granular synthesis sounds through the large speakers. This project created a great atmosphere in the garden and had an aura about it. For a better explanation, watch the video.

Some questions for Joel Gethin Lewis of UVA…

What was the concept behind the piece?
We really didn’t want to compete with all the work already in the V&A, but
did want to make a comment about the architecture of the space itself. The
garden was a natural choice. We choose LED as a display technology because
its quality of light. Emissive, rather than reflective. An obviously new
thing to contrast against the sense of history evident in the V&A

We also wanted to make a piece that was aggressive and repelled people, one
that forced people to engage with the position in the space, and their
relation to the monolith.

2001 was also an obvious inspiration!

How does the software work?
Using the latest generation of our in-house software system we linked the
LED display, a 2D camera and an audio system. Analysing the live video from
the camera allowed us to see the relative position of the closest person to
the front of the monolith. In this way we could trigger differing
combinations of light and sound.

Did you notice anything about peoples reactions or behaviours that you
didn’t expect to see?

Crowd control was a major issue. At the beginning of the night, when it was
quieter, it was great to see some young kids playing with the system. They
have no expectations or fear of technology, so it was great to get
un-polluted testing from them. It was also fascinating to see the learning
process, how people came up with explanations for the system and how they
communicated it to peers. Its always difficult to deal with large groups of

More information.

The No.27 Train


Canada, eh? Nice.

Robotic drummer

Haile is robotic percussionist that uses computational power and numerical algorithms to listen to live players, analyze their music in real-time, and play with them in an improvisational manner.


By Director of Music Technology Gil Weinberg and graduate student Scott Driscoll, Music Department, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Don’t miss the video.

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Pong clock plays one round of Pong every 60 secs

Cory Doctorow:

The Pong Clock from Buro Vormkrijgers plays games of Pong that last for exactly one minute each, with alternating sides winning. The clock in the middle keeps time/score.
Link (Buro Vormkrijgers site, 10MB Quicktime video)
(via Digg)

Update: Hijinx Comics sez, “It actually scores the time, with
the left side only scoring once per hour and the right scoring every



For a period of 18 months media installation SPOTS will convert an office block located at Potsdamer Platz Berlin into a huge matrix made 1800 fluorescent lights.


Designed by realities:united (known for the BIX media facade for the Kunsthaus Graz), the communicative membrane will display works by internationally renowned artists in changing exhibitions. The first exhibition “The City Has Eyes”, curated by Andreas Broeckmann, will feature pieces by Carsten Nicolai, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (in particular: 33 questions per minute), Jim Campbell and John Dekron.

Opening ceremony Nov 27th 2005 05:00 pm @ Park Kolonnaden Building 1; Postdamer Platz, Berlin.

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definitely a must see if anyone makes it to Berlin

Time-lapse figure drawing

David Pescovitz:
 WordPress Wp-Content Images Skeletondrawing
I’m taking my first drawing class ever and this time-lapse Flash animation of a figure being sketched drives me wild.
Link (via Drawn!)

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