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Tim Ho Wan

A hole-in-the-wall canteen in Hong Kong that offers dishes for less than $1.50 has become the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.


National Geographic’s International Photography Contest 2009

What are Lichtenberg Figures and How do we create them?

Ryan Abegglen deserves a post of his own

Here is one:


This blog is morphing into a ffffound! clone day by day.

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Michael Ferris Jr.



Sonomitsu is one of Yanaka’s hidden gems. The gallery-style shoe boutique specializes in made-to-order footwear that perfectly embodies the neighborhood’s quirkiness. Run by owner Hajime Sonoda and his team of artisan shoemakers, Sonomitsu has built its reputation on design and quality.
Not only are customers’ feet measured for size and shape, even skin type is taken into consideration when choosing the best model and leather. With a bevy of modern styles available in Japanese leathers for both sexes, it’s no wonder that prospective customers should expect a six-month wait, on average, for the finished product.

(from Wallpaper*).

Jeon Joonho at Scai the Bathhouse

scai the bathhouse

Currently on display in Scai the Bathhouse in Tokyo is the Jeon Joonho exhibit, an artist who is known for his projected banknotes with animated scenes in them. The video at the bathhouse is of a helicopter that brings letters to a hillside one by one, to spell out “WELCOME”. Perhaps his more widely recognized work is of the White House where a painter brings his ladder and paints over the windows and doors, until it seems entirely impenetrable.

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