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Kingston Trinder is in the building

Here is Kingston Trinder, our very own anthropologist! He joined Colors team nearly 5 months ago, long enough to see most of his conceptions about Fabrica change completely. Have a look at his answers and welcome him as our new blogger.

How did you come to learn about Fabrica?

An avid reader of COLORS since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, amongst the tea cups & fish & chips in darling New Zealand, I first heard of Fabrica through the COLORS website. Or something like that. I think. Its quite romantic that. Isn’t it?
What have you been doing before now?
Cycling without a helmet in London. I felt devilishly rebellious as a result. I had some mittens, women’s mittens, that folded open to reveal your fingers. There were little flowers made from beads on them. Marvelous. I was reading quite a great deal, & as it was very cold, I had a lovely plaid blanket. I did have a job, & then I didn’t. Writing puns all day, for a bizaare company that sold flights in fighter jets, & tours of pottery factories. Things everyone needs really. I seem to recall dancing most Fridays, & you could buy six beers for five pounds from the wee shop on the corner. I lived with some lovely lasses who liked to read their fortunes, & mine, most mornings. Usually over a fine cup of chamomile.
Do you feel like you understand Fabrica by now?
I have fleeting moments of suspended disbelief, when I feel I may have a rudimentary grasp of what exactly Fabrica is, & then I realise its all marmalade. Inconsistent at best, but pleasing in the mornings, over toast & tea. Bitter moments & sweet, & a terrible metaphor or two.
If you were to explain to an old aunt what is it that you do here, what would you say?
Immersion. Talk, thought, I’d tell her I was exploring, engaging, sating my curiosities, & learning to learn anew. Optimistically I’d tell her I like to think I’m exchanging in all senses, with some of the most exceptionally people from around the world.
If you could have known all you know by now about Fabrica, would you have come or would you have made a different decision?
There are things of course which trouble me about Fabrica, like anything in the world, but the overwhelming enthusiasm for knowledge & exploration, of self-discovery, excuse a multitude of deficeits. That, & almost daily weeping with laughter at some of the most hilarious things people quietly mention to me means I wouldn’t have missed a moment of these amazing idiosyncracies.

So now, what do you expect to get out of this experience?

Perhaps a friend. One would be nice. I’d like to say I’ve been under the Tuscan sun. Literally. Stroll arm in arm with a beautiful lass through Venice. Cycle through the spring sunshine & have some truly insightful chats with some intriguing, engaging, perceptive & engaged things from around the world. managed a haircut. From Jackie. & Maia. & myself. I think the most important thing is to acquire some more lay anthropological observations, a little more
empathy, & a greater understanding of the self & the other, that one almost inevitably gains through full immersion in a foreign land.
What will you miss from home?
The Jamaicans. I’ll always miss the Jamaicans. I really liked sheltering from the miserable weather. Under a plaid blanket, huddled by the radiator, cup of tea in hand. There’s something pleasing about taking refuge with friends, indoors, over crumpets & jam. Oddly, I do sincerely miss fish & chips. I think I miss the night buses. That, & the grime, & the exhilaration of a fierce & thunderous city, & the delicious anonymity that only a gargantuan city can bring. That, & wearing Nepalese socks in the hallway. Its just too accursedly hot here, & Nicolo would never approve.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
When I left my parents’ home to seek my fortune, my father said always look after your ankles. They’re the only thing between you & the ground, & certain trouble. Wisely observed old bean. Live fast, & die young, I’d say, eyes peeled & ears alive at all times. There’s things to be learned all the time. That, & there’s always time for a drink & a chat, a time to laugh, which I like, & a time to ponder. Lets swim in the river, & everyone should read The Famous Five as a

Walter Hutton shall be entering the building

He bakes, drinks well, speaks proper English and has a sarcastic answer for any question you might have. You won’t get more British than Walter, the graphic designer from Bath who has entered the building ages ago, has refused to reply to this interview properly and is now introduced in a lame ichat talk we had one of these days!
could you, in one of those breaks from work we all take every now and again, reply to your interview
you can be monossilabical
can you i chat to me and i will do it
(don’t know if this is a word)
so let’s do this
we’ll ichat now and that’s gonna be your interview
is that ok?
monosyllabic is the word
thats fine

monosyllabic. good thanks
what’s the other words you taught me? that day at tocai…
cant remember
ok. anyway. how did you end up here?
i heard about fabrica through a friend a few years ago, and became interested in the place, when i was asked to come to Fabrica i didn’t have to think i knew i had to come.
are you serious?
does it matter
what do you mean if it matters?
of course it matters
“i knew I had to come” doesn’t sound like you
also i was a speaker at a lecture where Adam And Ollie where also guest speakers . i really liked the work they presented and spoke to them afterwards about fabrica. they were complimentary about my work and suggested that i should apply
ok the truth

i was offered a job so i didn’t need to apply it was so easy and i was bored with the job i had been doing for 4 years so i came
sorry. i had to leave my computer. will read it now
and have you regreted the decision yet?
no, i am enjoying the work and meeting people and living in another country.
you are full of cliches today
it really doesn’t sound like you
what is it that you do here?
im sorry i find i hard to write about myself
what do you like writing about them?
Since arriving here i have had sever acid flashbacks. the general drudgery of life has continued and the only saving grace is the lunches.
are you missing englang already?
(is that ok if I go grab a coffee while you write this answer?)
Cider, Brixton, english radio, rain cold, strong Chedder, proper pubs.
do you want to come down for coffee?
yes ill come for coffe

Elliott Burford has joined us

“Ciao Tutti! Hope all is well. Just sending a word of warning, that there is a new trial kid arriving this weekend, and his name is ELLIOTT. Elliott is a talented designer, muso, wordsmith, filmmaker friend of mine from Adelaide! He is like a half-brother to Lars and myself, so please look out for him. Some times he answers to the name of ‘Fluffy’ but I’ll let him explain to you why. Miss you all lots. From Scott.” Nearly a year after this first introduction, Elliott Burford has entered the building. And we still have no idea of where the Fluffy thing comes from…
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
During university I picked up a COLORS magazine with an ashtray in the shape of a heart on the cover. It had mad flavour (not ‘flava’).
What have you been doing before now?
Primarily making guacamole. Otherwise graphic design / art direction for big branding and advertising in Australia and the UK. Yawwwwwwwwwn. So I stayed awake drawing, making images, short films and (terrible) music.
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
Sex, drugs, money… I mean – a focal point for my creative output. Suggestions welcome.

What will you miss from home?

Cage fighting kangaroos. Familiarity. English.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
A game of twister. Get on it.
Go to Elliott’s WEBSITE.

Alizée Freudenthal has entered the building

alizee small.jpg
Ladies and gentlemen, here is a girl who has managed to turn a Fabrica bedroom into a real, delicious, cosy bedroom (if any of you ex-fabricanti out there think you had done it before, come back and check what I am talking about). The only French in the building, Alizée Freudenthal – aka as Lili – is a graphic designer desperate for a cup of coffee. Can anyone get her a yellow key, please?!
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
i didnt learn about it, i was just walking around treviso, looking for a good place to have a coffee,
after 10 km, i saw the light, they had coffee… they proposed me to stay… i think they still don’t know that i’m not graphic designer….

What have you been doing before now?

i spent 4 beautiful years of studies, love and fun in brussel, my adopted city…
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
a coffee… i’m still waiting…
What will you miss from home?
from paris i miss the good bread, my dentist’s massage chair, my family and my friends of course…
from brussel i miss the beer’s price, the belgian way to speak…, the welcoming people, my friends, my boyfriend and his family.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
a coffee?

Anna Grassi is in the building!

She is gorgeous, she is fierce, she is impassioned and wildy enthusiastic. Plus, I’ve never seen anyone mingle amongst teenagers as well as she does. I’m sorry for the internal joke, but just two months after entering the building (err… yes, sorry for the timing) and joining the Colors team as an assistant photo editor, the milanese Anna Grassi has already become everyone’s favorite type of girl.
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
It must have when Colors 47, the issue on Madness, fell into my hands.

What have you been doing before now?

aaa. beautiful things. I got my self stuck in the british country side looking for Mr Darcy at every “against the hunting ban” party. It took me 4 years to realize that my neighbour didn’t look anything like Jane Austen and that those chavs thrashing beer cans in my courtyard were keeping my Mr. Darcy and his stallion away. I got my photography degree and flew to France, where between a glass of wine and a piece of cheese, i remembered how tasty the world can be.
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
I guess learn to do my job at best.
What will you miss from home?
The question is rather what will i miss when i go home.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
first mistake old bean!
Ah, by the way, what is this teenager thing about?
do i need to explain that my teenaghood was in the shadow of insicurity, or that my ormons go wild on teens or simply that i wear sneakers, bite my nails, and get red when a boy looks at me?

Maia Lee has entered the building

chill4_ad_1.jpg (Photograph by Jason G Lewis)
Meet the lovely, meravigliosa, completely wild and creative creature from Korea, Maia. Amazing things will come from her bag.
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
There was a Fabrica exhibition held in Seoul in 2005. I hadn’t attended the show, but I found out about it afterwards. I applied 3 years after.

What have you been doing before now?

I majored in painting, so I did a lot of that. For money I was freelancing design and illustration. I was also making an independent art and culture zine ( with my two friends back in Seoul.
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
Special friends, Italian influence, and good projects.
What will you miss from home?
Everything. Especially my two friends, our magazine and my everyday 1hr subway ride to the studio.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Maialino means little piggy in Italian.

Catarina Carreiras has entered the building

Meet Catarina, one of the elusive hard-working contingent of Portugese designers. If you feel a strange gravitational force that pulls you into her world – don’t resist.
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
Hum.. I remember that since I was around 10 years old, everytime I went with my mother to Benetton I would look amazed through every Colors magazine displayed.
Then a few years later I learned about Tibor Kalman, Toscani, and finally Fabrica. Since then I kept wishing that one day I would have the oportunitty to work here.
And, thanks to the Design Department, here I am.
What have you been doing before now?
I was studying Communication Design in Lisbon, doing some freelance work, and trying to travel around as much as I could.
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
Lots of “no’s”, lots of “yessss’s”, lots of “well done!” and lots of “no way!”.
Basically: lots of work.
What will you miss from home?
The sea. And everything and everyone around it.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
Yes, nice to meet you all.

Julian Koschwitz has entered the building

Julian is bringing hip-hop back into my life, and he can make it part of your world too. Ask him about Kanye and Method Man, and he will not fail to fill you in. Oh, and by the way: he’s also an amazing interactive designer, too!
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
I followed the projects of fabrica for the last years and always had the idea to go there after graduating.
What have you been doing before now?
I was graduating from University in summer 2008 then I did some freelance design jobs and came to fabrica.
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
I am looking forward to work with people from different areas and backgrounds. And I want to improve my skills in physical computing and developing concepts.
What will you miss from home?
My Girlfriend, Maultaschen and understanding the bus driver.
Visit his website at:

Lorenzo Fanton has entered the building

The lovely and talented designer Lorenzo Fanton has entered the building. Find him in a stripy shirt with a hood, and ask him what he had for lunch.
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
Actually I don’t remember….Maybe I always knew about F a b r i c a. Oh, no! When I was seventeen, I guess. I saw a conference about graphic communication in Mestre at the cultural center Candiani and there I heard the name F a b r i c a…but in that period I wasn’t interested in graphic design and communication so I forgot that episode.
What have you been doing before now?
I spent three years at IUAV, and last year I graduated in Industrial Design, then I worked for a year and now I’m here!
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
Have fun! Meet new people from all over the world and share new experiences! Learn english as best I can, using my little notebook (to note new words!!), and expand my knowledge in the other fields!
What will you miss from home?
Maybe nothing, just my piccolina…I come from a small town near Venice so I can get home almost anytime I want.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
I want to thank all fabricanti and the other people I met here in recent days and Omar for this incredible oppurtunity, I want to suggest to everybody pass near F a b r i c a to try our MENSA!! It’s AMAZING!
ah…and Piero for the photo!

Tak Cheung had entered the building

Tak the new amazing designer (and square-dance choreographer) from the USA, entered Fabrica’s grey walls many months ago, and since then I’ve been pestering him (like that little ferral white poodle down Fabrica’s driveway) to do this welcome interview. He finally gave in, yay! Welcome again Tak!
How did you come to learn about Fabrica?
It was during class at Parsons. We were having critique and I zoned out during somebody else’s turn and then I over heard a side conversation about Fabrica.
What have you been doing before now?
I was working for a product design/ architecture company in Tribeca, NYC. I worked there for 4 years designing products, furniture, interiors, exhibitions, competitions and other fun filled stuff.
What do you expect to get out of this experience?
I would like to learn how to cook shrimp better. I would also like to learn Italian so I don’t get suckered into buying 12 pounds of shrimp. But really, I’m expecting a lot. Let’s see what happens.
What will you miss from home?
I called my folks over the weekend and they told me about their Thanksgiving feast, 8 course meal!!! I had pasta in white sauce that night. It’s not the same.

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