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The Japanese band はっぱ隊 (Leaf Squad), interprets Yatta! (I did it!, ready! or all right!), becoming a big success and hitting #6 in the charts within a number of weeks.

Love the whole thing!

Pee & Poo for sale

Introducing Pee & Poo, the unconventional toys direct from Sweden.
Pee & Poo also sell t-shirts, socks, underwear and even temporary tattoos that you can put, well, all over you…

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. – Hunter S. Thompson

Super Sonic Paper Airplanes

These Japanese scientists are applying the tradition of origami to space travel.


Sergio Mora claims to be a fried egg, but others consider him to be an onion that paints magic-cures.
He has some magic pictures, or living symbols that change their meaning according with to the spiritual state of the person who watch them. They answer your questions, grant your wishes. It’s a magic world. It’s Magicomora.

Is it art?

The Turner Prize is a contemporary art award that always provokes debate for its singular and innovative representation and meaning of art.
Turner-Prize )CT19-.jpg
It is recognised as one of the most important and prestigious awards for the visual arts in Europe.
The exhibition will be held at Tate Liverpool until January 2008 and tickets are free.

Beautifully Macabre

The art of Travis A. Louie is the result of a childhood spent watching “atomic age” sci-fi and horror movies and surrounded by 1950’s rocket ships, superheroes, giant monsters, and those wonderful old movie posters.
You can see Louie’s paintings here and also read the story of each of his imaginative, mysterious and beautiful mutant characters.

Talented hands

First, you may think is the stupidest concept ever. Then, you may think is the stupidest concept ever with the most brilliant results.

And yeah, it gets harder, better, faster and stronger.
Via Brad

Superb inventions of all time

This US Patent Illustration issued in 1993 shows the Toilet Timer.
It is flush mounted and was created especially for all those who suffer from “bathroom time awareness”.
Because more than one may need it…

What are those letters made of?

I don’t know if it’s because it’s been a long day or because I’m an idiot, or because this really is brilliant, but i think that, if I had the chance, I could watch this for days on end.

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