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the line was crossed long before you realized it

Playing with toys is no big deal. We encourage kids to do it. But when a priest does it to recreate scenes from the bible, you get sued. Father Markus Bomhard, from the Protestant Community of Eschborn, has recreated scenes from the bible in what he calls the Klicky Bibel, and is being sued by Playmobil. A playmobil representative told the Daily Telegraph: “We’ve got no problem with using the figures as they are in their original costumes. What we are on about is redesigning them and changing their appearance.”
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hans brinker budget hotel

They make no pretense to luxury or the cutting edge.
eco = no energy = no waste.

Touch the sashimi you prefer!

Fed up with unfair waiters?
Lets have lunch at “Inamo” then, a fusion restaurant where you can order your dishes, play Naval Battle, choose your favourite wine, have a look to the duck in the kitchen before you eat it, watch the cook prepearing it, book a taxi to get home immediately, if the food wasn’t good.
All these things – and many others! – are made possible by a touchscreen on your table.
I wonder if I can also choose my partner to accompany the red wine…

Bomb/Asteroid calculator

A Googlemaps utility to calculate the dimension of a nuclear bomb or asteroid, in any location.

Non Newtonian Fluidds

Is quite old, simple, and incredible. Cornstarch and water = non newtonian fluid. Pressure hits makes it behave as in a solid state.
lots of videos and experiments @ youtube
Go to 01:37 if u want to see the action quickly.

Digital guests at the Creativity Festival

I read the news today.
It seems that this year we cannot miss the Creativity Festival starting
this month in Florence: the “Virtual Renaissance” will be taken to the real world.
What does it mean?
Basically, what was created in Second Life, the virtual/digital environment based
on an electronic simulation ruled by its own inhabitants will be shown and translated into a “real language”.
(Digital Impressionism, Postkitsch, New Pop, l’Avatar Art, Iperformalism, Ultranaif next to Giotto’s!)
I kept reading…
During the exposition, the first “Second life Invasion” will take place in the city.
What does it mean?
We could see the avatars walking around the streets and interact with us.

I kept reading…
The Italian government decided that the educational system in Italy will become completely digital based.
I’m sure they have no idea what it means; but they’ve probably thought that it sounded cool.

color changing card trick

We are blind to more than we comprehend; watch this color changing card trick video and see if you can notice the changes!

Tenebrously green

We do have to think about recycling…

Cero errors (or to try it hell no)

El Caminito del Rey (The King’s pathway) is a pretty singular path in Spain. Its construction lasted four years and it was finished in 1905. One-meter width, 700 feet fall and hardly any handrail left, this walkway, now fallen into disrepair, is in a highly deteriorated and dangerous state, and because many people have lost their lives there, its entrances are now closed. However, adventurous tourists still find their way to it.

No idea who this insane-brave-suicidal-incredible camera guy is (or what in the world is he thinking), but what I do know is that he gave me a chill down my spine. And my palms are still sweating.

For goodness sake, what is she talking about

This is pretty old, but certainly memorable.

And yeah, “miss map shortage” who personally believes that “education such as South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as” finished as third runner-up.
Deep stuff man.

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