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i am absolutely mesmerized.

this is about letting loose, relaxing, and contemplating on nature

i’m a victim of this song

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we are your friends

just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder…

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play a song on my torso

What’s better than wearing bling? Possibly, having musical instruments tattooed on your body that other people play to make music.

Sounds like…

As I am equally a musician/producer as I am a graphic designer, I’ve been doing some research lately on sound and video experiments. I’ve found some really neat stuff that has currently been popping up in the Vimeo community. Vimeo user Candas has been exploring some very interesting abstract video’s and editing them to interpret the soundtrack. Super interesting and inspiring stuff.
Also Magnus Engsfors’ Suddenly is also worth a look. Some amazing fx and an original take on the infamous bullet-time technique that was brought to the masses through Max Payne and of course The Matrix.

Take On Me – Literally

“Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do.”
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Out There: where Architecture meets Semiotics

What are the first things you think when I say “architecture”?
Heavy long-lasting buildings? Pyramids? Sparky skyscrapers? A thirty floor residence? The tour Eiffel?
If this is what we usually mean by “architecture”, maybe we need to change our beliefs.
As Semiotics tought me, the meaning of things is not simply an “object” (a “chair” is not only “the object that has the shape of a chair”, because a stone on the grass is actually a chair, if you sit on it!) but the consequences related to them (actions but also feelings).
In other terms, the meaning is what things REPRESENT.
Thats why the 11th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice is called “Out there: Architecture Beyond Building”.
Architecture is not just about “buildings” and “constructions” (=objects): we need to look beyond them.
Today the world is extremely dynamic, buildings cannot be something eternal anymore. What we create must be easy to develop, light, avaiable to be changed in order to our temporary needs.
Architecture is the way to create a world that

we feel like home
(Aaron Betsky)

but paradoxically, without building stable houses.
Its a way to communicate our time, our fears, our views.
Buildings dont represent this anymore.
Visual arts and performances, cinema, collage, illustrations, practices, immaginations, deconstructions, experiences, undefined shapes. Sperimentation, and not just an exposition of what already exists.
This is what I saw “Out there”.

Naked Youth

ARS Electronica – Hybrid Ego (The University of Tokyo) Exhibition – Animation Next

A really sensitive and beautiful treatment of youthful desire by Kojiro Shishido.

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