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Times Machine

This “Times Machine” can take you back to any issue from Volume 1, Number 1 of The New York Times, from September 18, 1851 to present.
Not all articles are free, but still good to know that we can have access to such historical archive online.

Wieden + Kennedy

Wieden + Kennedy is seeking for people who can turn thrash into pixelated heat. Old-fashioned thinking for the modern world and vice versa. People whose migraines are made of words and pictures.
This advertising company has offices in Portland, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, Shanghai and Delhi.
Click here to apply.

Vintage Science

The old days where design was more important than production.
Here you can find an awesome flickr set of Vintage Science Book Illustrations.
Innocent, colorful, simple and useful.

Backing up your music

Afraid of losing all those wonderful mp3’s you love?
Here is a tip that can save a Mac’s user life.
iTunes has actually a feature called “Back Up to Disc.” To find it, just go to the File menu. As you can see, there are different options.
You can change the format of the CD you want to burn into data disc instead of audio CD in the iTunes preferences, and fit up to 1000 songs per disc. Great deal!

Fight the Gypsy Kids

For a while, last summer, there was some funny goings-on. Cash and jewelery was going missing from Fabricanti flats. Some blamed it on the Treviso Gypsy Kids, others on one another. Since, Spring is just around the corner it’s time to think about safeguarding your belongings. Here’s a great new invention for just that:
The “Brief Safe” is an innovative diversion safe that can secure your cash, documents, and other small valuables from inquisitive eyes and thieving hands, both at home and when you’re traveling.
Items can be hidden right under their noses with these specially-designed briefs which contain a fly-accessed 4″ x 10″ secret compartment with Velcro® closure and special markings on the lower rear portion.
Leave the “Brief Safe” in plain view in your laundry basket or washing machine at home, or in your suitcase in a hotel room — even the most hardened burglar or most curious snoop will “skid” to a screeching halt as soon as they see them — wouldn’t you?
Made in USA.
One size.
Color: White (and Brown).
via Boingboing

How to save a YouTube video

Diego has written a summary how to save a YouTube clip on your hard disk:
1. Get a free extension for Firefox called VideoDownloader here:
They explain everything you need to know about the extension in that website.
2. After downloading the videos (usually they are .flv Flash videos) you’ll probably need to convert them to a more useful format like Quicktime .mov, you can do it with iSquint or VisualHub, get them here:
There are also some web-based apps on the net which let you point at a HTTP address with the video you want and they automatically do the conversion for you online, they don’t have a progress bar or anything though so it sucks because you never know if it’s running or not. That’s why I like the other method better.
Thanks Diego.


We did not die. We just got stronger. Here’ s E.

Don’t waste my time

It’s my turn to leave Fabrica…. But of course, one last bit of crap before I go. I’m asked to fill in some random paper with dates and signatures. As everyone else, I hate other people wasting my time. So instead of wasting it on the monkey-work I was asked to do, I spent it creating this tool. Enjoy your time guys! Don’t let others waste it.


Useful Stuff: Logorrhea


Don’t you hate when you are told something very important on iChat and then you close the window and it’s gone? Logorrhea (nice name uh?) helps on that situation.

It’s a small utility that lets you search through all your chat history. It requires you to enable saving your chats though, which can be done on the iChat settings window.


Logorrhea lets you browse all your old chats, either browsing by person or searching for words. It’s free, and very useful; I would say a lifesaver, sometimes.

Logorrhea 3-1

Useful Stuff: iStumbler


We all know that we are not allowed to install any kind of internet service in our flats. For some of us, that is a big big inconvenient, especially for those geeks up there in Interactive Department.

As wireless networks expand, more and more families and business decide to install wireless access points. That makes us lucky, as the only way for us to have internet in our flat is “stealing” it from our neighbors… And what makes us especially lucky is the fact that most people are totally clueless about wireless security, so they just buy this “magic device” that makes internet work anywhere in the house, they plug it in, and they forget about it.

That is great for us, as it usually means password-free wireless networks ready to be joined. The problem is that the wireless range of those devices is usually quite limited, and it’s hard to find out in which part of our apartment we are getting wireless signal…

iStumbler is quite helpful in those situations (for mac people). You only need to launch it, and it will start looking for wireless signals continuously. That means we can slowly walk around our apartment, trying to find a spot with wireless range, or where the signal is stronger. We can usually join a network (if it’s open) as long as the signal strength is over 20. Otherwise the computer might refuse to join it.

Istumbler Sc1

iStumbler also looks for Bonjour and Bluetooth devices in range, but that might not be less useful for the not-so-geeks fabricanti.

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