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Interact or Die!

Kidding! Nobody needs to die, all we want is for you to interact with us! One of our projects is going to be taking part in the Graphic Design Festival Breda, and we are inviting you guys to get involved. The Exquisite Clock, is an interactive art installation by Joao Wilbert, which will be projected onto a big screen. The idea is that you find as many images as you can, which are shaped like numbers (check picture below), and upload them to the clock. Now in true Fabrica spirit we are daring you to be different, so after reading this post, switch off your computer, take up your phone, camera (we don’t care as long as it takes pictures) and run around the streets like a crazy person. If you see an old man shaped like the number 8 (don’t laugh you never know), or a crop cycle shape like the number 1, then get it on film and get uploading! Fabrica wants to get interactive with you

Check out the site for more info


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Hyper Island Open House (pics)



Lecture with Hyper's CEO

Lecture with Hyper's CEO

Hyper Island halls

Hyper Island halls

Q&A session with students

Q&A session with students

Guests around for lecture

Guests around for lecture

Hyper Island Open House

Hyper Island's new catalogue

Hyper Island's new 2010 catalogue

Hyper Island
is Swedish’s avant-garde answer to new media and interactive teaching. They started out as a CD-Rom school back 15 years ago in Karlskrona, a small archipelago town , when the future of interactivity was still based on running disks locally in fullscreen mode. A lot has changed since that, and now they are one of the most sought-after places to learn digital creativity, either by participating in their 1 or 2-year programs, or on their week-long Master Classes, designed for people already in the business.

Fabrica was there last weekend for an open house session with current students, management, and staff. Q&A sessions and work samples between cookies and coffee breaks. The place is an open floor space at phone mogul Eriksson’s former headquarters. Each student is provided with a table space and a first-week world class immersion into teamworking skills, which is fastly becoming Hyper Island’s most valuable asset. The rest more or less happens by itself, with students working in teams around different work modules – briefs of existing companies with real problems. The school is growing in a scary rate. Offices in New York and UK, and several other partnerships being formed at the moment.

More photos coming soon.


Pixuffle - Shuffle pixels to create unique compositions!

Here is Pixuffle, a funny application that reminds us some old toys, like a puzzle but in the other way… Don’t build the image but destroy it! You can upload your own pictures, and mess it up, cut it in pieces and move the parts…
Play around, discover the creative cubist part in you, and enjoy the dynamic simplicity of Pixuffle made by Paulo Barcelos here at Fabrica!

The above image has been donated by Elliott Burford, who shares here with us, not his famous green pants but just green beans!

Space Barley


Sapporo Breweries has begun selling six-packs of the world’s first “space beer” brewed with barley descended from seeds that spent time in space.

For now, only 250 six-packs of the beer, which Sapporo calls “Space Barley,” are available for purchase. Customers will be selected at random from those who apply through the Space Barley website before December 24.

The barley used in the beer is the fourth-generation offspring of seeds that spent five months aboard the International Space Station in 2006 as part of research that Sapporo conducted with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Okayama University. The aim of the research was to study the adaptability and life cycle of barley in zero-gravity and to explore the challenges of achieving self-sufficient food production in space.

Space Barley beer has a mellow flavor and slightly dark color reminiscent of deep space, according to Sapporo. The six-packs are priced at an astronomical 10,000 yen ($110), but Sapporo will donate the profits to Okayama University, who will use the funds to promote science education for children and foster the development of space science research in Japan and Russia.


Alt.Movies.Kubrick F.A.Q

Tricot Machine

Of knitting, mittens, hare skins, Canadian winter and red cheeks. A music video animated from more 700 real wool knits.

Jakob Nielsen: Velocity of Media Consumption

Tim Ho Wan

A hole-in-the-wall canteen in Hong Kong that offers dishes for less than $1.50 has become the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.


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