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Typekit is live

Typekit bills itself ‘the easiest way to use real fonts on the web’. Take a look.

Flickermood 2.0: typefaces, music and motion graphic

Flickermood 2.0 from Sebastian Lange on Vimeo.

The next level of this experimental typographic orgy.

Animation by Sebastian Lange
Music by Forss

Flickermood was basically all done in AE/FCS – the soundtrack
is from FORSS (check out his music platform at and his music at


emoticon in 1862

A typo was found in Abraham Lincoln’s speech and a debate ensued: were emotions used in 1862? 😉
“… there is no precedent for your being here yourselves, (applause and laughter 😉 and I offer, in justification of myself and you, that I have found nothing in the Constitution against.”

The sexy old type

Good news! You can download the font GEronto Bis for free (read the license), and take a look at the PDF specimen. Nice ligatures and ornaments.

Vernacular Typography Polaroids

Sweet series of hand-painted signs and vernacular typography polaroids taken over the past six years by Douglas Wilson.

Typefaces for a good cause

Create/Reject is based in the UK and specializes in design, typography and art direction. It is also responsible for the book Fifty Designer’s Current Favourite Typefaces, which is not just a pretty nice idea, but also a very kind project since 100% of the price goes to UNICEF.

Fashionable type

Sweet typographical scarf by Little Factory. They also have a lowercase and a numeric version.


You know Italic, you’ve heard of Roman and you know what Rotation is.
Let us introduce you to Rotalic.
This typeface variation by Filip Tydén (2007) is mainly used to highlight a text or as a display font. As wikipedia says, it can fit the same semantic purposes of the italic and oblique typefaces (emphasis, titles, foreign words), though examples of its usage are still rare.

Good Web Type

This is a very hard one: what is good web typography? Your work can be amazing and your layout perfect, but the wrong type can in fact kill your whole site.
To save our sanity, I Love Typography shares with us in a very functional and clear way 15 Great Examples of Web Typography. Nice!

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