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Kliszynski’s luxuria

Alex Sandwell Kliszynski’s photo series My Luxuria, explore the idea of the human/doll composite. It is intended as a satirical take on the pornographic image, posing questions about desire and fantasy and their representation in mainstream post-feminist culture.

Censor Bar Art

Probably the only time I really enjoyed censorship…

the wizard of ass

working hard deserves a break to watch a trailer like this…

Worksafe Porn

All you need is Microsoft Paint and a wholesome mind.
A selection of examples kindly gathered by keeping it real. Via

Pixelated pin-up art

For all those cheesecake lovers, here is a sweet. Andrew Bawidamann creates contemporary pin-up art through his graphically oriented girls, offering appeal to today’s soldiers,
tattoo artists, bikers, rockers and just about anyone with a fetish.
Via Priya


Sergio Mora claims to be a fried egg, but others consider him to be an onion that paints magic-cures.
He has some magic pictures, or living symbols that change their meaning according with to the spiritual state of the person who watch them. They answer your questions, grant your wishes. It’s a magic world. It’s Magicomora.

Sophia Loren Poses for Pirelli Calendar

Sofia Loren, who first featured on magazine covers half a century ago, will appear for next year’s Pirelli calendar dressed up only in diamond earrings.

2lornn.jpg 3lorn.jpg

The calendar portraits of Loren taken by Dutch photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Winoodh Matadin are “very beautiful and will add to the myth of La Loren,” said Loren’s friend Silvia Damiani.

The star was born Sofia Scicolone on September 20, 1934, so i let you figure out how old she is.

Images of Loren nude and young.


Make your balls a bigger part of your life

Hi guys! You’re invited to notice your nuts by a “Bigger Balls” viral ad for the Everyman Campaign highlighting testicular cancer, the most common cancer to affect men aged 15 to 45.


Via houtlust.

iBuzz the iPod

Ok, forget all the gag gadgets I ever blog about, this is what I call infusion of design and technology:

The iBuzz is the sexiest iPod accessory available. Hook the controller to your jeans, connect your iPod (or any other variety of mp3 player), and place the bullet wherever you like. The bullet will vibrate in rhythm with your music. The intensity increases with the volume of your music, or can be increased via the controller.
…comes with two silicone-rubber attachments: one for clitoral or penetrative stimulation, the other for use as a vibrating cock ring.

Available online at Babeland, only $55 USD!

Asian Soccer

Flickr photoset via Sex or Not

welcoming the world cup and soccer season….

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