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Fiere di San Luca

Photographer Jen kindly shares her hilarious impressions from the recent Fiere di San Luca, enjoy:
“Before going here, I thought Euro carnies would have more eloquence than those of America – kinda like French prostitutes shockingly look like they could somebodys’ mom.
But Fiere di Luca set me back, and I crawled through the glaring lights, on hands and knees to avoid punches from defensive rogues fleeing the law for one addiction or the other. Unfortunately the carnies seemed somewhat ‘off-limits’ – so I decided to focus on the delirious event as a whole, in the vaguest form possible. ENJOY.”

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Out There: where Architecture meets Semiotics

What are the first things you think when I say “architecture”?
Heavy long-lasting buildings? Pyramids? Sparky skyscrapers? A thirty floor residence? The tour Eiffel?
If this is what we usually mean by “architecture”, maybe we need to change our beliefs.
As Semiotics tought me, the meaning of things is not simply an “object” (a “chair” is not only “the object that has the shape of a chair”, because a stone on the grass is actually a chair, if you sit on it!) but the consequences related to them (actions but also feelings).
In other terms, the meaning is what things REPRESENT.
Thats why the 11th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice is called “Out there: Architecture Beyond Building”.
Architecture is not just about “buildings” and “constructions” (=objects): we need to look beyond them.
Today the world is extremely dynamic, buildings cannot be something eternal anymore. What we create must be easy to develop, light, avaiable to be changed in order to our temporary needs.
Architecture is the way to create a world that

we feel like home
(Aaron Betsky)

but paradoxically, without building stable houses.
Its a way to communicate our time, our fears, our views.
Buildings dont represent this anymore.
Visual arts and performances, cinema, collage, illustrations, practices, immaginations, deconstructions, experiences, undefined shapes. Sperimentation, and not just an exposition of what already exists.
This is what I saw “Out there”.

Vernacular Typography Polaroids

Sweet series of hand-painted signs and vernacular typography polaroids taken over the past six years by Douglas Wilson.

Kliszynski’s luxuria

Alex Sandwell Kliszynski’s photo series My Luxuria, explore the idea of the human/doll composite. It is intended as a satirical take on the pornographic image, posing questions about desire and fantasy and their representation in mainstream post-feminist culture.

Journeys of Franz Kafka

Photographer Jan Jindra presents eminent Franz Kafka from a very different perspective. With beautiful black and white photography, he takes us to the writer’s journeys around Europe; his steps, his travels, what he saw, what inspired him.
The photographs are completed with details of Kafka’s relationship with the places, which creates a stronger connection between his life, his unique body of writing and our personal perspective about him. Fascinating!

Fabrica Forma Fotografia has winners

The FFF contest, promoted by Fabrica and by Forma, International Center of Photography, Milano, received about 160 entries from all over the world for both F and F25 awards.
The recipient of the F award is Leonie Purchas, from Great Britain, with the essay “In the shadow of things.”
The winner of the F25 award is for Abdul Munem Wasif, from Bangladesh, with “Old Dhaka”.
The winning F project will receive a contribution of euro 20.000, the possibility of publishing a book and of having an exhibition of the selected work. The F25 winner (for photographers under 25), will be awarded a one year scholarship in Fabrica’s Photography Department.

The Moment After The Show

Sweat, body searing and adrenaline, Swiss photographer Matthias Willi captures the intimate moments of rock stars right after their running off stage.
Besides original photography and a clever project, Willi has a pretty nice site too.

Chris Jordan is back

Artist and genius Chris Jordan has some new images for his “Running the Numbers” project, which analyzes the contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics.
He is currently working on new images that will look at some global issues, so stay tuned.

Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures

Do you recognize these photos? They may be yours. Ifoundyourcamera is a wonderful site where you can actually recover your lost camera with a little help of those who found it by publishing some of your -hopefully not too embarrassing- images.
In any case, looking at strangers’ photos is always entertaining.

Fabrica Features Fabricante

Some beautiful forms from Fabrica.
Fabricante and Fabrica Features products photographed together by Liz Hingley with designer Becka Citron.

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