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A laptopogram is a photographic print made by pressing photosensitive paper against a laptop screen and then exposing it to the light emitted by the screen, in a technique similar to those used to produce contact prints and photograms. The images are then developed with a standard darkroom process.
This technique can also be used with any kind of electronic visual display such as a mobile phone or a television. This new process was created and developed by Aditya Mandayam, a resident at Fabrica.

Aditya Mandayam

Glass negative from 1918 and dmesg in a terminal


Some prints in his darkbathroom

Jan Saudek & Sára Saudková

Jan Saudek & Sára Saudková :

the human body is sometimes suitable for letterforms


Looking happy to be dead, but she really is dead


To avoid any confusion, Meryl Streep reaffirms that her masked identity is only a cover that she purposely distorts


jean-pierre khazem


We are walking contradictions.

andreas gursky


pieter hugo


Robert Frank


mikhael subotzsky

Mikhael Subotzsky, once a Fabricante and now employed at Magnum, shows us glimpses of South African prisons.
“Johny Fortune climbs out of the industrical washer after taking a bath in the laundry at Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison. Having spent most of his years in prison, he dislikes communal showers, and chooses to bath like this during this shifts working in the prison laundry”.

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