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Typographic Illustration

Thanks Michael for passing me this typographic illustration site, it’s really simple but beautifully effective animation. Check it out here.

NYC Condoms

NYC .jpg
On February 14th 2007 New York City launched the free NYC branded condoms. It is the first nation with an official brand of condoms and they are available all over the city for individuals and organizations. With the help of a new internet ordering system they have increased the distribution of free condoms from 2.5 million per year to 18 million per year. That is a staggering amount to distribute so lets hope that with that volume of free condoms circulating the STI rates and unwanted pregnancies will dramatically be reduced. I’m so impressed by this fantastic scheme, it sets an example for other major cities worldwide to follow in the footsteps set by New Yorks Department of Health. Check it out here and if you’re in the city go get yourself some from one of the distribution points here.

Little People

I’m a fan of most tiny cute things and this ‘little people’ blog by street artist Slinkachu is a favorite. He manipulates tiny shop bought figurines and places them in everyday city situations and photographs them. The idea behind this project was to capture the feelings of isolation and loneliness often associated with living in a city. The little people are then left to fend for themselves with only the most observant passers noticing them. Its such a simple idea for street art but can you imagine going to a toilet and finding this little guy snorting his huge wrap of coke? Wonderful art and I plan to return to London and keep my eyes peeled for these little people. A great blog with some really interesting images and scenarios on so go see it for yourself here.

Wooster Collective

Wooster Collective is a site dedicated to showcasing street art from all around the world. The above work is by artist Mike Newton who says “i noticed how the police would move the homeless from street to street, doorway to doorway around the town. this gave me the inspiration for my latest piece “removing me wont solve the problem” a kind of twist on the removal of graffiti.” There is some great pieces on this site, check it out here.

Sony Bravia

Fantastic advert for Sony Bravia featuring a dramatic display paint explosions. Check it out here it really is a stunningly beautiful concept for communicating colour.

Margaux Lange

If you’re a fan of Barbie and also love jewelry then you’ll probably love the work of Margaux Lange! Check it out here its a fascinating mix of pieces of Barbie and Ken some far more intricate than others but its all inspiring and a fresh new idea that I’ve not seen done before.

Pee Spot

soap cum.jpg
My dad as some of you know spends most of his time surfing the internet, (mostly editing wikipedia hence my nick name for him wikipeter) but today he found these amazingly designed toilets. Check out the huge variety of innovative and crazy places to have a pee here they are incredible but this one topped it for me! It brings a whole new meaning to creaming in the toilets! Genius and perfect p-spot design!
Cheers pops.

Brian Donnelly

logo.jpg Brian donnelly.jpg
I’ve just stumbled across this very interesting Canadian artist Brian Donnelly who I throughly recommend you check out. His paintings have a beautiful and fresh style and an amazing photo realism to them. On his site he even has a contest you can enter here. Well as he says its not so much of a contest as a dare to get a tattoo of one of his logo designs then if you can prove you’ve done it he’ll send you an original painting! Ummm interesting contest to say the least! His photo pages also had me giggling behind my screen, this site definitely got my day off to a good start. Check out the wonderful works and character of Brian here.

Cheater Checker

My God i’ve just discovered the Cheater Checker and yes it does exactly as the name suggests! This program has been devised to install onto your computer and it spys and records all movements of the user so you can check out exactly what someone has been doing on it! It is legal to install onto your own computer but it is suspected that it is being installed onto others computers which is of course not legal but vital if you want to catch someone in the act of virtual cheating or worse!
It’s crazy and personally I hate the product but as I well know you often have no idea if someone is cheating on you. But I leave you with this final and slightly cheesy thought as Elvis once said … we can’t go on together with suspicious minds! Listen to the King and don’t dip down to the Cheater Checker but if you’re interested check it out here.
Ooops that’s three posts today, back to my real work now!


Picture 1.png
Fantastic short film by Will Perrens who is yet another Brighton graduate and also Natti’s friend. He made this for ‘Straight 8′ film competition and was awarded runner up and had it screened at Leicester Squares Vue Cinema. Check it out here and you’ll see why I posted it on p-spot! But be warned listen with head phones on or volume down it gets a little dirty in parts! It’s great.

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