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Are The Italian’s Really Stallions?

Ummmmm, no according to Durex’s latest study! Apparently the real stallions are the Nigerians who on average last 24 minutes, most impressive compared to Indians averaging a mere 13 minutes! Check out the rest of the article here not all countries are included but its worth a quick glance over to see which country would be worth locating to after here! Seems the Italians are not so hot ….eeeek time to leave people!
Via Cosimo the true Italian stallion! wink.


I felt the need to post again about anorexia after the huge amount of comments I received from a previous post. I wrote about the photographic work of Lauren Greenfield and her documentation of anorexia sufferers. The above images are from her THIN exhibition and as you can see this is a devastating condition to suffer from. I had no idea how many people would respond to it and I am truly overwhelmed by the honesty of everyone who wrote and continues to write. It saddens me so much to hear other’s stories but I’m thrilled the blog could provide an outlet for you.
As some of you may know I also suffered for a long time from an eating disorder. After years of battling I have now fully recovered and i’m stronger than ever which is partly why I made the post, to help others out there who suffer. I just wanted to make sure that for those of you who did make comments and asked for help please do contact me at I am more than happy to try to help you in any way I can. I’m not medically qualified obviously but I do understand the emotional side having suffered myself. Support is the key to recovery and I’m lucky enough that I was able to receive a lot of it. So please if you come across this site and need help let me know.
Have a good day. Pia

Designer / Model

Well here is a sexy p-spot post for you guys! Oh my God, watch this and laugh! Hard. There are some classic quotes. I reckon we should do the international Fabrica version even though it looks like ‘Fernando the editor’ is already in there! Enjoy it and have a beautiful day you sexy Fabricanti!
via swissmiss

Latawnya The Naughty Horse

I hated all things horsey when I was young and still kind of do but this book is an exception. I don’t need to say much just check it out here and enjoy the story of Latawnya the naughty horse and her dark adventure into the world of drugs! Yes I promise you its a horse that takes drugs! It’s amazing.
Thanks to our own favorite Italian stallion Ciancio and to his friend Rosemary who actually found it.

Give A Toss

My mum just sent me this link to Britain’s new campaign for sperm donors. Check it out here. I suggest you to try the game section and play the Toss-O-Meter it helps improve wrist action! Its titillating!

2 holes are better than 1

I’ve not posted for a while, been a bit busy but after visiting Milan this weekend for the design Furniture Fair I found a gem of a post. Salt and pepper vibrators by designer of things Steve Watson. What a great center piece for any dinner table and the holder sets the pots just as nature intended! A perfect combination of sex and food. I don’t need to say any more about them, I feel the design speaks for itself. Check out his other works here.

Dirty Found

So today our dear buddy Purdy left us but before parting he passed me this link to post. It’s a whole collection of dirty found ephemera sent in from the public stemming from the magazine Found. There is some really interesting and naughty little notes and photos on their so have yourself a little perve here! And keep your eyes peeled for any future dirty found things, cheers Purdy and all the best with your venture after Fabrica.

Sebastian Horsley

Some of you have probably already heard of Sebastian Horsley but if you haven’t I strongly recommend you learn a little about him today. I just did. He is a fascinating artist who uses “method” painting which means he basically lives and breathes his subjects before painting. He is the first westerner to travel to the Philippines to be crucified and he documented it all in the name of art, its incredible check it out here.
But he also has another dark side, he is addicted to sleeping with prostitutes and claims to have been with over 1000. If you saw this months Creative Review you will understand the image above, if not you can read more about it here on CR blog. But, for me the most fascinating article was by the Observer, it starts like this …..

I remember the first time I had sex – I still have the receipt. The girl was alive, as far as I could tell, she was warm and she was better than nothing. She cost me £20.
I was 16 then and I’m 41 now. I have spent 25 years throwing my money and heart at tarts. I have slept with every nationality in every position in every country. From high-class call girls at £1,000 a pop to the meat-rack girls of Soho at £15, I have probably slept with more than 1,000 prostitutes, at a cost of £100,000.

Need I say much more? Its fascinating he’s such an interesting character and I’m off to discover more about him now.

Condoms and Cucumbers

In response to yesterdays ‘natural porn’ I posted Chris forwarded me this link to the Swiss governments 2003 HIV awareness campaign. Really simple and unoffensive concept but communicating a vital message.

Natures Porn

nature porn.jpg
Yesterday Matt told me the p-spot was getting less and less sexual which I had to completely agree with. I guess it has been because I have been spending my days surfing endless design blogs and discovering so much interesting design instead of sexual things! So I’m making up for the lack of sexual content by posting some natural porn i received in an email this morning! Racey enough for you Prinns?

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