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We love you, truck drivers

A national strike promoted by truck drivers has brought Italy on the edge of a crisis. Without trucks you don’t carry around fuel nor any other good. Consequences? In some cities, fruit and vegetables prices rose as much as 100%. Some industries idled thousands of workers because of a lack of supplies.
Finally, two days ago truck drivers found an agreement with the Government (they were protesting high gasoline prices, long working hours and foreign competition) and everything is now going slowly back to normality. Yet it was pretty impressive to see how fast a country can turn into an absolute chaos and how miserable we would be if we ran out of oil tomorrow.
Via Biagio Rampante

Living on the edge

The Global Incident Map is an interactive online map designed exclusively to make people shit their pants more than they already do about worldwide terrorism. The site conveniently collects terrorist related stories from news agencies around the world as they’re reported, and refreshes the site every 300 seconds. Under the map, find a concise list of its collection. Pretty sick and I actually don’t really know what to think about it. So please, ponder.

Real ID

In the US last week, NY governor Eliot Spitzer teamed up with the Department of Homeland Security to implement an already Congress-approved national drivers license system meant to “deter terrorism” (currently, each US state issues a different license). NY would be one of the first states to issue the new ID which comes with passport privileges for citizens and documented residents.
Spitzer, however, also proposed a more controversial limited ID for illegal immigrants, that many are saying would unfairly label residents with an undocumented status.
The Real ID hasn’t been so warmly embraced by all states. Maine has overwhelmingly and unanimously opposed the system and supports the beliefs of those who say it would enhance the risk for identity theft. Utah also added that it goes “against Jeffersonian principles of limited government.” At least 6 other US states will join Maine and Utah in the opposition.

Southern California Wildfires

You probably already know about the wildfires in southern California that have tragically been burning for nearly a month now, claiming nearly 500,000 acres (200,300 hectares), 1500 homes, 7 lives and 85 injuries so far. But you probably didn’t know that Google has a new feature which pinpoints each fire on a map and tells you if its burning or contained.
Check it out here.

Immigration Museum in Paris

La Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration, a project of the former president Jacques Chirac, opened last week on the east end of Paris. A project that naturally sounds like a celebration of an important part of national history, however, appeared to seem makeshift and temporary by reviewers. With the opening of the museum in a country of nearly 4 million immigrants, there were no plans for a formal ribbon cutting, nor had the opening been attended by French president Nicolas Sarkozy (who is in the process of implementing DNA tests for immigrants wishing to join their relatives in France, and, is also the son of an immigrant father).
Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration
Palais de la Porte Dorée
293 Avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris
New York Times Article on museum
BBC Article on DNA Tests

Italy boycotts pasta

Shoppers in Italy have been urged to boycott buying pasta for a day in a protest over rising prices. The supply of wheat has fallen because farmers are encouraged to sell the crops for use in the production of environmentally-friendly biofuels, or they are replacing their wheat crops with other fuel crops that generate more income. The reduced supply of wheat has led to an increase in its price and that has been passed on to customers through increases in the costs of wheat products such as pasta, bread and beer.
But pasta production companies do not expect the boycott to cut a hole in their pockets. They are confident consumers will return to pasta because it remains the cheapest food in grocery stores despite the rising prices.
Ok…I was kinda getting tired of eating pasta everyday at mensa anyway!

Homer’s Doughnut

While the recent craze of ‘Create Your Own Simpsons Avatar’ is slowly fading in Fabrica, something amazing just happened to keep the topic still fresh.
A giant 180ft Homer Simpson brandishing a doughnut was painted next to the well-endowed figure of the 17th century chalk outline of the naked, sexually aroused, club-wielding Cerne Abbas giant. It is part of a publicity stunt to promote The Simpsons Movie released later this month.
Homer hasn’t forgotten about the enviornment. It has been painted with water-based biodegradable paint which will wash away as soon as it rains. And now the image that has incited the wrath of British pagans who have now pledged to perform “rain magic” to rid their sacred site of its unwelcome guest.

In the News

The Sun is the trashiest and worst written newspaper on Earth. Today there’s an article about couples that put paper bags over their heads for sexual enjoyment. The Sun is calling it “a kinky new craze.”
And here’s a bunch of repetitive text:
I’ve used a special rubber mask from a fetish shop. But our favourite toy is my plain brown paper bag. I only have to rustle it to get Phil excited. We started experimenting with bagging after Phil read about it on a website. We were both amazed by how much we enjoyed it. Our sex life is much more thrilling since I started covering his head with a paper bag when we make love.’
Denise says bagging makes lovemaking better for both of them. ‘Phil loves being in his own little world with his head inside a bag,’ she says.

That’s just the tip of the crap iceberg… see the whole article here.

School shooting timeline

Have a look at this fascinating school shooting timeline. It gives a rather startling look at how these events tend to lump together. Could it be a copycat effect caused by hyper-media coverage?
The timeline charts worldwide school shootings, but you can easily see where the concentration falls.

HIV and Aids

Today, the first of December, World Aids Day, we face again one of the biggest global problems. Twenty-five years since HIV/AIDS was identified, nearly 40 million people are living with the virus and every year the number of infected people rises.
love live
1. Penetration always with condom.
2. No sperm or blood in mouth.

In Nepal 19% of all HIV infected persons are housewives. India has, according the United Nations, the highest infection rate worldwide. Zimbabwe now has the lowest life expectancy in the world – 34 years for women and 37 for men – according to the World Health Organisation. Between 2005 and 2006, Zimbabwean women’s life expectancy dropped by two years. Specialists dealing with HIV/AIDS in the Middle East have said their work has been hampered by a lack of reliable statistics.
But at the same time there great achievements have been made. Like the online dating service for HIV-positive people (The Positive Connection) in South Africa. Hundreds of Indians demonstrated today to demand new anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs. China’s promotion of voluntary HIV counseling and testing.
Now, more than ever, we have to fight against the spreading virus and help those who are infected to live respectable lives.
New infections: 11,200 per day (UNAIDS 2006)
Annual Deaths: 2.9 million in 2005, (UNAIDS/WHO 2006)
Total deaths: 25 million since 1981 (UNAIDS 2006)
Total infections: 65 million since 1981 (UNAIDS 2006)
Country with highest infection rate: 33.1 percent in Swaziland (UNAIDS 2006)
Country with largest number of infections: 5.2 million in India (UNAIDS 2006)
Percentage of those who need ARV treatment and are receiving it: 20 percent (WHO 2006)

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