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Facebook or not Facebook?

(This is not Hamlet! Lets read and find out!)
You can hate it, you can love it.
But one thing is certain: Facebook is getting more and more popular every day.
Even the most stupid person becomes confident with the social network in few steps.
Forget all its dangerous social implications for a while (I.E. “Have the people become unable to have genuine relations in their real life?”, “Is Facebook just a way to be lazy at work?”, ” Does it create dependence?” Etc…) and let them to the thousands of psychologists, anthropologists and priests (!) who are already spending thier nights to solve the question.
The most authoritative Italian newspaper on Economics has dedicated its weekly special magazine to the phenomenon, trying to find out and explain the reasons of its success.
This made me realize, once again, that Communication, in all its forms, has no limits.
Communication, in all its forms, is not “good” or “bad” : It depends on how you use it.
The means in itself is just a means. When it becomes a purpose, the problems start.
On the other hand – and at the same time – the people (i.e. our “friends on Facebook) must always been considered “as an end and never merely as a means to an end”.
(Immanuel Kant docet, but he was not talking about Facebook!)


This is a nifty twitterer application by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, which searches through twitter feeds to find thoughts related to key words. I like the big fat sentences and 1 second slides.

All your guitars are belong to us

Just for today, this is the greatest thing ever: A single page with every guitar for sale on Amazon, cheapest on the left, most expensive on the right. Creator Jim Bumgardner (Man, that’s an unfortunate name) explains how it works. (Thanks, Mikey)

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