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Judith Priest

an assault of bodies, writhing against a massive assault of breakcore, sweaty rivulets of alcohol and raw bass: this was a good night.

fuck the nu school

Last night I saw a brilliant set at the ZXZW festival by 8GB, who also played with Stu, Goto80 and Computadora. He is currently touring the Netherlands but hails from Buenos Aires. I absolutely love his techno-fetishized 8 Bit World Order, because he was rocking the set like it was going out of style. This is 8 bit at its best.


Honorary Mention Digital Music – ARS Electronica 2008

This installation by Jörg Niehage is a arrangement of “accoustically usable finds” (plastic toys, electronic and mechanical junk) on a picnic blanket. A projected cursor over the landscape allows the user to click on a mechanism/instrument, activating it. The outcome is a wonderful lo-fi electronic composition.
See the project here:


Sleevage is an Australian blog all about music cover art. From the LP’s of the 60’s to the digital artworks of now.
They are currently looking for writers who want to regularly submit to Sleevage in exchange for free CD’s and concert tickets. Here you will find their contact.

A video without cameras

Of course Radiohead again. Their latest video, “House of Cards” uses real time 3D recording instead of cameras, “utilizing highly technical structured light and Lidar laser-enhanced scanners to model lead singer Thom Yorke and provide an otherworldly narrative accompaniment to the song.”

An interview with the director James Frost, behind-the-scenes footage and all the information about this complex, innovative process, can be found here. Also, visit the video’s interactive component, where you can actually control the 3D data of Yorke’s head.
How not to love them.

The Creature is born

Rising from concept to physical realization and lurking in the depths of imagination, Invisible Creature emerges. And its invisibility certainly knows how to handle design, illustration and direction.
Careful, its work may have two simple purposes: to feed your inspiration or to completely kill your creative ego.

I’ll Follow the Sun.

The beautiful Bato Novo (Jojo and Axel) of Berlin.
A tribute to summer, love, balconies, the beatles, bossanova, and panama hats.
Buon Weekend.

All I Need

Radiohead for MTV Exit Foundation
Via The Science of Creativity

fujiya and miyaji

Good old-fashioned dice animation set to a rockin’ tune…

Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes is Natasha Khan, Natasha Khan is Bat for Lashes, a musician with English and Pakistani roots that spent her childhood travelling around the world. Double lucky Europeans, since she will be opening the upcoming Radiohead tour.

“What’s a Girl to Do?” is her last single, and it just made my day.
Any similarity with fabricanti biking back home is mere coincidence….
Gracias Sachii

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