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Beauty and Simplicity

I really like this house for it’s beauty and simplicity. Although the materials and form are charming, what I really, really love about it, is the way that it opens up to the outside world. Maybe my city upbringing has had the opposite effects on me, but as I get older I want more and more to be closer to nature, for me it’s the feeling of freedom that it brings. Of course the clean air, fresh greenery, and beautiful views doesn’t hurt either.
This home in Stockholm was designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhof, and I think it’s a real beauty.


Isn’t this perfect for entertaining? I can just picture the late evening summer parties on that lovely courtyard. This is what I mean about a house opening up to the outside, it makes the space look bigger.


If I lived here I would use this area for breakfast.


The stone floor with the white interior is perfect.


See what I mean? Imagine bathing here everyday, and looking out into the openness, how good would that be for inspirational therapy!


Need I say more?
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Sonomitsu is one of Yanaka’s hidden gems. The gallery-style shoe boutique specializes in made-to-order footwear that perfectly embodies the neighborhood’s quirkiness. Run by owner Hajime Sonoda and his team of artisan shoemakers, Sonomitsu has built its reputation on design and quality.
Not only are customers’ feet measured for size and shape, even skin type is taken into consideration when choosing the best model and leather. With a bevy of modern styles available in Japanese leathers for both sexes, it’s no wonder that prospective customers should expect a six-month wait, on average, for the finished product.

(from Wallpaper*).

Mujiland has arrived


In the suburbs of Tokyo, instead of Gibson’s Chiba sprawl, you will soon find a glistening new Muji village accomodating 152 homebuyers in February 2010. Developed in collaboration with real estate developer Mitsubishi Estate, it is a nine-storey, three building complex that is the ultimate manifestation of Zen that Muji maintains in their product line, where even flip-flops are divine.


The concept for the village is based around three concepts: Green, plain and community. Green for trees, plain for simplicity and flexibility, and community for common spaces. Although the Muji village looks like a vacation resort, it still conveys the Muji philosophy which is based upon the absence of style, identity and remarkableness. What this achieves is a normalcy that is beyond normal. In this type of architecture, the buildings are so ordinary that they become remarkable. Another characteristic of this community is the subculture of Muji aficionados – now they will literally have common ground.

dans le noir

If you’re in London, check out this restaurant. You eat in complete darkness, and focus solely on conversation and the taste of food.

Is pubic hair in inverse proportion to a country’s wealth?

It seems that being against (the) Bush is not trendy anymore.
Hi, I’m a little confused right now as I read that the current economical and political situation is so much affecting our pubic hair style, but there seem to be two opposite directions.
On one hand it seems that because of the recession women are more and more abandoning the Brazilian and “growing a little hair down there” . Money is tight and maintaining a stripper worthy wax is not cheap at all.
So Bush is back, at least down there, according to Lisa Germinsky

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