Life Project

LIfe! an easy word but a hard concept. Why do we exist? Did someone create us, or is it just a matter of evolution? We pose thousands of questions without ever receiving any answers.
This philosophical beginning wasn’t so good, I tried, anyway, I want to share (because “SHARING IS CARING”) a project that I found a few weeks ago. It is called the “INTERVIEW PROJECT”, an idea of David Lynch’s. I’ve never been a great fan of his, and I’ve only seen one movie, Mulholland Drive (it drove me literally crazy as I was rather scared, and i said to myself to be careful with this man…). But I believe the simplicity of this work is really interesting. Basically it is a road trip where people have been found, and interviewed. (The directors are David Lynch’s son, Austin, and a guy called Jason S.). Moreover, there’s no real plan here, so the only things guaranteed are are the 25000 miles to ride, and 60 days to travel around the USA. It’s so fascinating, and as Lynch himself says “it’s something human and you can’t stay away from it”, that I couldn’t resist sharing. Enjoy. Ouch!
Here the first episode