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I heart colours

There are so many things to fall in love with. You kind of take the everyday things for granted, like colour. You’d think, being a slave to United Colors, I’d know a thing or two about the subject. But I’m a colour idiot compared to the fine group at COLOURlovers. For example:
This palette titled, “Ineffective Suits” hits the nail right on the head. Make your own appropriately titled colour palette and then discuss your genious with colour freaks.
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In Search of Ramen

If you’re looking for a nice package of instant ramen noodles, you might want to consult this guy. The website rates hundreds upon thousands of instant noodles from around the world. The videos are simple and entertaining, even if you can’t understand Japanese.

Genealogy of Influence

A screen shot taken from Mike Love’s Genealogy of Influence hierarchical graph.
Genealogy of Influence is a visualization of the connections between the most influential writers, artists, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians of Western culture. The graph contains 500 people and, within that community, 1034 influences. All names are linked to Wikipedia for further learning.
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Learning to Love You More

One of my favorite web-site/art projects of all times is “Learning to Love You More,” created by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher.
From Assignment#39: Take a picture of your parents kissing. By David Harrison Levi.
Assignments are posted and the public is invited to accept and post their responses. All mediums are covered (music, illustration, design, writing, sculpture…) Some are simple. Some are complex. “Like a recipe, meditation practice, or familiar song, the prescriptive nature of these assignments is intended to guide people towards their own experience.” The perfect solution to those boring Trevisian Sunday afternoons. And the perfect cure to your arts and crafts blues.

Be sure to get some done, as they’re making a book from people’s reports due out next Autumn.

Civilization is Doomed because…

Brought to you by the good people of SpeakUp, this website is attempting to, uh, gather 10,000 reasons why civilization is doomed. Go on, add your own two cents!

Something we can all relate

from Indexed, a blog of relational charts. pretty funny.
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War runs on the blogosphere

Reading the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto I ‘ve found some interesting links to webblogs dealing with the current conflict in the Middle East. So why not share them?
The first to note is a lebanese blog kept by volunteers. This blog not only analyses the conflict but also broadcasts news covered by different sources from around the world. Worth mentioning is also Angry Arab “a source on poltics, war, Middle East, Arabic poetry and art” by As’ad AbuKhalil. It is a blog with a biting tone and many photos and features a very immediate style.
On the other side of the border there is a live blog from an Israeli bunker via laptop and wifi. It provides a unique insight into the rapidly escalating situation in the middle east and gives an idea of how everyday life is there.
There is also a blogger who was forced to leave his country because of the current genocide happening in Lebanon and as a refugee tries to keep contacts with relatives and friends also through a blog called Perpetual Refugee .It’s a well written blog with a very incisive style.
There are also cases of foreign bloggers such as the Swedish student Hardig, who reported about the conflict from Beirut until 21st July when he was forced to leave Lebanon.
The most original idea is represented by the experimental blog which is a kind of universal blog originally created in Hebrew but written in 3 languages and open both to Arab and Israeli people. When the war broke out Corinna, one of the authors, filled her blog with black flags, placing adjacent to one another the national anthems of Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Israel. In conclusion, she added: “Jewish soul, Iranian, Lebanese, Syrian or Palestinian soul – until when will you be shrouded in darkness, a tool for realizing the supreme value: land.”
The quotation is taken from an article from Haaretz about the reaction of Israeli webblogs on the war

Interesting blog about design

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CANADIAN DESIGN RESOURCE is a wonderful blog of all Canadian-relevant design (graphic, product, textile, etc.)!!

Welcome to the world of computer animation and graphics

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Motionographer seeks to be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators and designers by sharing:
* outstanding work from studios, freelancers and students
* feature stories that give readers a closer look at influential studios and individuals
* commentary that sparks discussion or introspection about the creative process
* miscellaneous items that Motionographer contributors find interesting
Motionographer isn’t just about motion graphics. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and the Motionographer contributors hope to provide you with interesting material regardless of the medium in which it was created.
Check it now!!!

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