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text is meant to be broken

Daniel DeSure’s Wouldn’t it be nice? LED piece from Found Gallery on Vimeo.

Flickermood 2.0: typefaces, music and motion graphic

Flickermood 2.0 from Sebastian Lange on Vimeo.

The next level of this experimental typographic orgy.

Animation by Sebastian Lange
Music by Forss

Flickermood was basically all done in AE/FCS – the soundtrack
is from FORSS (check out his music platform at and his music at

White Glove

Everyone knows it. Everyone has seen it. But never like this…

White Glove Tracking Compilation from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

there’s more than one way to make your idea stick


exploded ipod

This exploded ipod set in resin still functions perfectly… except for the trackpad. 😉

internet in 1969

(via Rui Pereira’s facebook wall posting)

Touch the sashimi you prefer!

Fed up with unfair waiters?
Lets have lunch at “Inamo” then, a fusion restaurant where you can order your dishes, play Naval Battle, choose your favourite wine, have a look to the duck in the kitchen before you eat it, watch the cook prepearing it, book a taxi to get home immediately, if the food wasn’t good.
All these things – and many others! – are made possible by a touchscreen on your table.
I wonder if I can also choose my partner to accompany the red wine…

This is sand

sand.jpg is a really sweet little interactive site for making your own sandscape. It’s very cathartic, watching those tiny pixels fall like digital sand (at the end of a day spent pushing tiny pixels around a horrible screen).
Don’t miss the gallery here.

There have been no masterpieces

Jonathan Harris (former fabricant) recently made a speech at the ‘Flash on the Beach’ conference that was pretty interesting and a little controversial. He said that “there have been no masterpieces” in Flash and the community is favoring technique to concepts.
He posed some important questions that are relevant to any creative discipline. He also advised flash artists to “do your own thing” and to “go outside”. I’m going to get a hot chocolate and sit in the courtyard now.
Read about/listen to his speech here.
link via harry, image from jonathan’s flickr.

Digital guests at the Creativity Festival

I read the news today.
It seems that this year we cannot miss the Creativity Festival starting
this month in Florence: the “Virtual Renaissance” will be taken to the real world.
What does it mean?
Basically, what was created in Second Life, the virtual/digital environment based
on an electronic simulation ruled by its own inhabitants will be shown and translated into a “real language”.
(Digital Impressionism, Postkitsch, New Pop, l’Avatar Art, Iperformalism, Ultranaif next to Giotto’s!)
I kept reading…
During the exposition, the first “Second life Invasion” will take place in the city.
What does it mean?
We could see the avatars walking around the streets and interact with us.

I kept reading…
The Italian government decided that the educational system in Italy will become completely digital based.
I’m sure they have no idea what it means; but they’ve probably thought that it sounded cool.

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