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Interact or Die!

Kidding! Nobody needs to die, all we want is for you to interact with us! One of our projects is going to be taking part in the Graphic Design Festival Breda, and we are inviting you guys to get involved. The Exquisite Clock, is an interactive art installation by Joao Wilbert, which will be projected onto a big screen. The idea is that you find as many images as you can, which are shaped like numbers (check picture below), and upload them to the clock. Now in true Fabrica spirit we are daring you to be different, so after reading this post, switch off your computer, take up your phone, camera (we don’t care as long as it takes pictures) and run around the streets like a crazy person. If you see an old man shaped like the number 8 (don’t laugh you never know), or a crop cycle shape like the number 1, then get it on film and get uploading! Fabrica wants to get interactive with you

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Campus Party Europe

Tomorrow April 14th starts in Madrid this year’s edition of Campus Party in Europe. Around 800 guests from the 27 European Union nations were invited to come discuss, tinker, create and associate. The event will be held at Caja Mágica and can be followed at or, in a more personal level, on Twitter hash tags are #cpartyeu or #campuspartyeu. See you there.

IT’S:MY:TIME – Benetton Global Casting Call

[youtube GgH5wQm2FOo]

[youtube HKFTLIh0coQ]

[youtube VeUdz0r6Vpg]

Rain Dance




One of my favorite, Paul De Marinis’ Rain Dance installation on the rooftop of the OK/ Hohen Rausch building, Linz. His installation sends pulsating jets of water rhythmic down onto spectator’s umbrellas. The impact of the water turns the umbrella into a giant overhead speaker.


Rain Dance (Video)

Pee to Fertilizer


Pee at the Ars and Electronica Festival 09.

Pee at the Ars Electronica Festival 09.

Rich Bubbly Fertilizer

Rich Bubbly Fertilizer

This was one notable souvenir from this year’s Ars Electronica Festival and I didn’t expect my urine sample can be so endearing to me. But give it to artists Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray and they’ll chemically transform any summer-grass smelling urine into rich bubbly fertilizer for your household plants. The drink.pee.drink.pee.drink.pee project takes on an epic challenge to curb pollutants  in our urine from getting into out waterways. 

Quartet 2008 by Jeff Lieberman, Dan Paluska

Even if the music isn’t great, the idea is fun! This machine would make Gabo really jealous and he probably would remake his ping ball wall at FABRICA.

The MIT Media Lab presents…

…paintable instruments. Simply paint with a battery powered electronic brush in one hand, and touch the paint with the other. I can see this on Christmas lists already.

John Baldessari – “Ed Henderson Suggests Sound Tracks for Photographs” (1974)

Another stand-out piece at the Lentos museum was this experiment with sound and image. John Baldessari found images from National Geographic, then called Ed Henderson on the phone and described the image to him. Ed, in turn, tried to find appropriate songs that would match the image. This entire phone call is recorded and played with the video of Baldessari pinning up images, one at a time. It’s very low-tech, but immensely appealing in spite of this; its the narrative that engages the viewer more than anything else.

non-grid inc.

Exquisite Clock


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