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Brad Hasse has left the building

Bradonio ha scopato…um…i mean…e’ scappato….
Our inspirational all-round-great-american-guy has left us. The one that proved it was possible to learn italian, win the affections of italian women, men, all fabricanti, and integrate smoothly into italian culture, including coloured pants.
Brad showing the trappings of his “when in rome” philosophy
What was life like before Fabrica?
I bounced around the globe quite a bit for both work and for personal experience. I was freelancing as a director/shooter/editor so that gave me the freedom to live like a hobo, but a little more professional.
Most memorable moments?
Wandering down to Puglia (the ‘heal’ of Italy), looking up the address of where my grandma was born, and cruising around that neighborhood. People started to find out what I was up to, so they would take me door to door trying to find someone that might be related to me. Next thing I know, I’m in the dining room of a family with the same last name as my grandparents. They kept feeding me and pouring homemade wine down my throat, so we sat and talked for hours. We never figured out if we were related, but enjoyed the afternoon all the same.
And of course…
Ogni momento con Tito e Mario, i miei migliori e più scemi amici a Treviso! Fratelli, voi ne avete fatta mille volte più bella la mia esperienza in italia. Vi ringrazio per tutto che mi avete fatto!
Every conversation at “Mom’s Pizzeria” or at the “Old Man Bench” or just at the apartment with Scott. I’ll miss you bro, come visit soon!
Working CRAZY hours writing with Lottie, psychotically punching out scripts and ideas. Writing with Donovan, and releasing some of the most ridiculous concepts that have come out of my brain in a long time.
Traveling around the world with Alex, filming in some quite different situations, but having a good teammate throughout the whole experience.
Imparando le canzoni nuove (le classiche italiane) durante il passaggio a casa con Piero! Si, si…ho voglia di andare a caaaaaaaaaasa, a casa dove?!
Pranzo con Enrico e tutti da Advertising, “no olio… no party.”
And every single morning over a year and a half when I woke up, looked outside, and said to myself, “Wow, I’m actually living in Italy.”
What is the plan now?
I just spent some time back at home in Phoenix, Arizona eating some good home cookin’ with the family and catching up with old friends. This weekend I’m moving back to Los Angeles and will freelance as a director/cameraman again. I plan on buying a surfboard right away and most likely hurting myself really badly shortly thereafter.
For my own projects, I want to keep shooting short films, but with content and a method that just makes me happy doing it from beginning to end. There’s nothing more exciting than creating something and realizing that you’ve had a smile on your face throughout the entire process.
Last words?
Brad, you are dearly missed…!

Tad Kimball has left the building

Tad, the yellow wearing, ubertalented, ubermodest, web-foraging, 80’s speaking, good-natured american of few words (but very very good ones) has left the building. Total bummer.
What was life like pre-Fabrica?
Before Fabrica, I was living and working in New York at a big advertising firm specializing in branding. When I wasn’t working I was riding bikes, laying on the roof, going on weekend adventures and watching a lot of movies.
What was life like at Fabrica?
At Fabrica things were pretty good, especially towards the end of my stay. There were a lot of ups and downs, but there were always great people and great food and drink around to make things better.
What did you learn at Fabrica?
I learned how to deal with a lot of different types of people. I also feel like I learned to be more confident.
Most memorable moments?
Some of the most memorable moments are a little foggy unfortunately, but some of my favorite memories revolve around bike rides down the river.
What’s the plan now?
The plan now is to enjoy being back in NY before I get sick of it again. Spending time with Megan and my friends and going to the beach a lot are also up there on the list.
Parting words?
We are very sorry that we couldn’t keep him here longer, but know he is going back to better things (namely NY and his fiance Megan) and we wish him it all.Thanks for for all the love you gave to the blog. It will miss you very much. As will we.

Matt Prins has left the building

A good man unexpectedly left, leaving a terrible emptiness and a dreadful silence around the creative writing department. No more singing, no more mechanic talking, no more story telling. Fabrica’s talented, honest and most photogenic man, left in our hearts pure sadness and sorrow.
From left to right: mysterious hand, fabricante, ex fabricante, trial. Right corner: our lonely little Matt.
What was your life like pre-Fabrica?
I studied screenwriting in Vancouver then went directly into working at a dry ice factory, and lived in my parent’s basement. I applied to Fabrica a couple of months later. I checked my email every few hours for six months for a response. When I finally heard back from Monica I had just given up hope, so it was a very nice surprise.
What was life like during Fabrica?
Amazing and horrible. Insular and liberating. Frustrating and awe-inspiring. I fucking hated it at times, but loved the shit out of it far more often. As humdrum as it can seem, life in Fabrica is a constant guessing game.
What are you most proud of doing in your time here?
Writing for myself. I think a lot of people come to Fabrica expecting it to be a wonderful creative year where they’ll get to explore their practice, and then they end up doing what Benetton or the UN or Omar asks them to do. Then think, “Whatever. I’ll just do a great job on this poster about Spousal Abuse and have a drink at San Tomasso to take the edge off.”

What advice would you have wanted before coming here?

People are going to talk about you behind your back, but don’t take it to heart, because everyone talks about everyone behind everyone’s backs. That’s just what happens when you’re living, working, drinking, eating, traveling and sleeping with the same 40 people that everyone else is living, working, drinking, eating, traveling and sleeping with.
Best and worst moments?
3 Very Great Moments: Cross-dress party and following morning, trip to NY with Reed, and any amount of time spent with any member of “the clique,” (completely opposed to that label by the way) and the clique-extended family (that’s you Cosimo.) 3 Very Bad moments: death threats from Bloodfists, saying bye to Reed Nat Pia and Miren in the span of 6 weeks, going to Rome when I was meant to go to the beach.
What’s the plan now?
Dry ice and parent’s basement.
Any parting words? Any thanks to give?
I fell in love and/or felt complete admiration and fondness with and for so many people, hundreds surely, in these 20 months. It’s amazing how much love you have to give and take. To EVERY ONE person i met from my trial to my goodbye party – thank you. X.
Mateito, you make. We all wish you the very best.

Michael Ciancio has left the building

No more lentil soups, no more remixes, no more umbrellas. It was Michael’s time, dearest friend, unstoppable dancer, exceptional creative, honest soul and eternal lover of food, to go back home.
Salud Mike, we all wish you the best!
Ciancio has always appreciated the Italian culture
What did you do before Fabrica?
I finished my undergrad at MICA and worked at Hyperakt Design Group
in Brooklyn, NY and some freelance here and there.
What’s the plan now?
I’ll continue to be the fat kid that I am deep down inside–living in
Italy really contributed to this. My next big trip involves me flying
to Vancouver and driving to San Francisco stopping in Seattle and
Portland. Just you watch. I’m freelancing till further notice and
living in Astoria.
Did you learn anything during your time here?
I learnt that tacos are actually not supposed to have sour cream in
them. I learnt that Aussies and Kiwis kinda hate each other but don’t
admit it. I learnt that English people wear crowns during Christmas.
I learnt that Portugal is pretty. I learnt more Italian, and I learnt
how to say Cheers in many languages.
Best and worst moments?
My worst moments were not even that bad now that I think about it. My
wallet fell out of my pocket once while I was biking the day after my
4th of July party. And so, I canceled all my credit and bank cards,
only to be called the next day and informed that my wallet was
returned to the lost & found by a good Trevisan samaritan and
everything was in it. Also the London show got rough at times, but we
pulled it off and we pulled it off well. The best moments are too
many to list.

What will you miss the most about life here?

Biking through quietness, that view of the mountains, the food, how
accessible the rest of Europe is from little old Treviso. And for my
people: dancing La Lambada with Karol, trading music with Lizy, Nam
inviting us over for Korean dinners, getting served grilled meat by
Nic, teaching American slang to Piero, and talking shit about
Americans with Tad.
Parting words?
They say in America that college is the best 4 years of your life.
That statement still holds true for me, but I knocked off Freshman
year and replaced it with the year I spent at Fabrica.

Annechien Van Litsenburg has left the building a month ago

In true Anna style, this blog post comes one month late. Sorry Anna, you know i got nothing but love for ya. Annechien Van Litsenburg left us on September 5th.
What was your life like before Fabrica?
I was living in Amsterdam Oost and working as a product designer surrounded by fashion designers at Viktor&Rolf.
Did it change in the way you expect it to?
What kind of advice do you wish you had before coming here?
Besides the students there are more fabulous people in Fabrica!
What will you miss the most about Treviso?
The people.
Any projects or moments you hold really dearly in your heart?
Mainly the people.
Future plans?
I’m going to Bangladesh with Dutch Design in Development, an organization that provides a design and marketing network worldwide. I’m looking forward to this one month adventure!
Parting words?
I wil miss you all!

Julia Pleschke has left the building

Fabrica continues to become a man’s land as SuperMom leaves us today.
What made you want to come to Fabrica?
The opportunity to go abroad, meet interesting people and have a little space between graduating and finding a real job.
Favorite thing about living in Treviso?
Being close to the beach.
How have you seen this place change since you arrived?
Honestly I would be a liar, if I was not saying that I am a bit worried about Fabrica these days: You can feel something is going on and a lot of tension is in the air. It makes me sad that it is now possible for special people to get their friends into Fabrica without having them to pass a trial. Some of the recently arrived new students seem to be too young for a place like that, and especially coming without passing a trial does not help to appreciate Fabrica nor to develop the right attitude to work the best out of it. On the other side, I am happy that I went through a year full of changes and especially that I got to know the old fabrica with all these skilled people who made my first abroad experience and its many great acquaintances to a fantastic part of my life I would never want to miss.
What are your plans for after?
I will move in with my boyfriend in Vienna, freelancing, improving my baby Benettonplay from home and of course visiting and inviting the guys I love and already miss most: Karol, Nam, Lizy, Paolo, Marian, Christian, Juan and last but not least yourself. *snif*
Parting words?
Fabrica can be your greatest time, don’t spoil it by waiting for someone to tell you what to do, find friends, keep in touch with them and end every of the 365 days with a smile.

Pia Knight is leaving the building

After a year and a half, our favorite bloody blonde is leaving, and this is what she had to say:
Does it really feel like it’s been a year and a half for you, and has it really hit you that you’re leaving?
No, not at all, its a cliche but true. Time is very strange here the days drag on but the weeks fly by. I can’t believe my time has come to be released. But i’m pleased that i’m leaving before Reed predicted in 2009. Shit it is hitting me now, i’m sat next to my boxes.
How do you feel about adjusting to civilization again?
Im sure i’ll be a bit of a mess for a while for so many emotional reasons, but the answer is normally at the bottom of a glass for me so it should be ok. I’ve great friends at home who’ll help me drown my sorrows. A small adjustment will be not saying ciao and double kissing. I’ll sound like a pretentious cow doing that in London. But maybe i try and bring the two kisses rule back home with me, im sure after many many head buts and awkward moments my friends will learn that Italians do it better.

What exactly are your plans for after Fabrica?

Well, im incredibly lucky to have somehow blagged my way into the Royal Designers summer school. Yes i did say Royal Designers, not sure how but I did. After that, who knows what the future holds for me so long as I don’t have to return to designing whore cards in London again i’ll be happy! Oh yeah and i’m going to get fit, stop smoking for the 12th time and buy a new phone so I can text properly.
What was your favorite moment here?
Everything. I can’t name just one you know me and how much I love everyone and everything. But ok to mention a few would have to be last weekend with my friends Jasmin, Scary Wendy and Jose. Unforgettable. Cosimo asking me if my ‘teets’ were clean, and every other hilarious language slip with him after that. Running from the police with Nat and all the times we woke up together laughing. Only ever speaking ‘yonkerly’ gibberish Irish with Pat and Alex. Fernando making love to a chair. Reed showing us how to drink up and deep throat at the same time. Constant ichatting with Mike. And everyday with Matt Prins.
Favorite things about living in italy?
Friends. My bike. Never being scared. Deep fried mozzarella balls. Wine. Summer. Pea day at Mensa. Capiscoing niente. Strange stalkers (it was a big compliment really, would never happen at home) Dancing to ipods. Eclectic dinner parties. Being incredibly tactile. And most recently tinned mushrooms.
Last words?
Never take life here seriously. Just have fun and don’t worry about the consequences of living in a goldfish bowl, its more fun that way. You can always have therapy when you get out.
The mass exodus continues with Pia. It’s a sad day in Fabrica, knowing it’s Pia’s last. It’s raining, too. But maybe we’re going to Enio for lunch. Anyway, we’ll miss you, you royal piece.

Miren Marañon Tejedor is leaving the building also

Today Miren also leaves us. She flies back to Spain on Sunday. Read our iChat conversation below with my corrections (just the ones i think are necessary) in parantheses. For those of you that don’t know, they are these things–> ( )
Michael Ciancio: so since you don’t want to answer the questions, what do you want me to say on the blog
miren marañon tejedor: you can say too that i dont have a real plans till I am 26 years (old). Now I will be few years more as a hipsy (hippy) runing around till I am 26 that i will married some one and start to work and win an Oscar or miss tortilla de patata
5:40 PM
miren marañon tejedor: What I will tell to the next fabricanti
Michael Ciancio: yes dime
5:45 PM
miren marañon tejedor: just one thing
miren marañon tejedor: I will tell you just one advice…. the water of the “whater (water) place” downstairs that we as poor fabricantis we use to full our reciclate botles (recycled bottles) is sinc (sink) water. I saw the cleaners fulling on the bathroom (filling it in the bathroom). Just to let you know
miren marañon tejedor: and they was still with the bathroom blobes (not sure)
miren marañon tejedor: .
miren marañon tejedor: What I fell leaving (How do i feel about leaving)?
miren marañon tejedor: sad and happy, sab because here there was really nice people and happy bacause all of them leave allready hahaha
miren marañon tejedor: And what the people will miss because im not (here) any more…. noise- they will be able to concentrate not listening (to the) noise (of my) shoes runing all around and shoiting (shouting) what you have to do.
Yes all very true. We’ll miss you Miren. Check out her works at

Amelie Marciasini is leaving the building

Tomorrow morning Amelie goes to France for a Vitra/Fabrica workshop. Then she comes back and goes on holiday. So, today is Amelie’s last day. Join us as we reflect with another installment of “…is leaving the building.”
-How do you feel about going?
I should have left before.
-What were you doing before?
Going crazy in Stockholm trying to figure out what fashion is to me.
-What’s on the agenda for afterwards?
Going back to Stockholm to get my graduation show done.
-Any advice to give to new Fabricanti?
Always be nice to the people working in and around the building,
cleaning ladies, portineria people, handymen, gardeners and the
golfteam Maurizio and Luciano Alban. Not only are they all nice, they
are also the ones who can help you in the least expected situations.
And, remember in general that mostly, people want to do and be their
best, if they are rude to you they probably had someone being rude to
them minutes before.
-What will you remember as the best moment and/or project?
It’ s difficult to not say Vörland. But not without mentioning finding
my muse Alex Purdy and the excellent Reed Young. They made my day
every day. And oh, room service dinner at The Peninsula Beijing.
-Any parting words?
Try try try to not spend your time figuring out the system. Just do
your stuff and do it really good. Fabrica is a place where you can
realize your dreams. Every place is a place where we can realize our
dreams. And don’ t spend your time waiting for things to happen. Ever.
Amelie, I want to say thanks for getting me that nice food at Ferme when I was on trial. And also thanks for the 2 euro today so i could buy potato chips. Today we say goodbye. Fabricanti, join us in the Fabrica Features Brand Room (coined by Amelie) today at 3 pm for some parting prosecco. It’s been real, Legs. See you in Stockholm.

Nat Ashman has left the building….

Ok, last entry of life. I’ve made this promise to my dear dear dear Natti boom batti, who left the building last week. And while she might think it’s all about her, I’ve managed to start her goodbye entry by talking about me. Joke’s on you, Nat. Alora…
in true natti style. i lost the questions and ran out of that bunker of a building, so being all about me….i made up the questions. sorry matt but i think it went something like this.
What was your life like pre fabrica?
I was teaching kids to be better at art, can u believe it? I am an arts teacher. I was also dreaming about not watching others being creative and doing this myself, somewhere abroad, preferably hot. I guess i got what i wanted.
What was life like during Fabrica?
It is full of more highs than lows. I have met wonderful, crazy, somewhat insane and the most determined and talented people so far in my life. I have hated, loved, shouted, laughed, cried on street corners, given up and got on with it…generally all in a day. well i guess what i adopted was a bit of that Italian drama.
The ups?
I will condense, Reed Young. Finding my design partner in crime, Pia. Gaining patience, you will not believe it but its true. Miranda Orfei, you all need to see a poddle on a pony. Silly dancing.
The downs?
It’s a small town in more than one way.
What advice would u have wanted before coming here?
I don’t think it matters you always change your mind and things that you thought you would never do, you just do! I mean i am lucky i knew a lot of people before I got here and i am bad at acting on other people’s advice anyway but i like this one: Think less do more.
What is the most important thing you learned here?
Not to order cappuccino after breakfast time. Thanks Cosimo
What is the plan now?
To finish on a bang with this exhibition in my hometown – London, check it out! To enjoy good music, see old friends, sleep a bit and catch up with myself before i seek new horizons with my beautiful boy.
Any parting words? Any thanks to give?
Enjoy it, a year goes really really quickly. Try not to spend your time thinking about what you should do or want to be doing. If you don’t get on with the system it means that it just doesn’t work for you, so leave
or have some fun outside, venice is just minutes away. It’s a good place to meet great people, make most of the climate if you are like me from a grey and cold city, get a bike and ride around town, ask fernando to tell u a joke, have a coffee with scott, do some dancing with michael, get diego to tell u something you never knew, look at patty – that smile will always make you smile, take amelie to the beach she is brilliant
fun, listen to 80’s tunes with madu and take advice from the prins, he’s always right. I thank you all, especially the ones that have just left us.
The mass exodus of women begins with Natalie: the lover, the fighter and a very true friend indeed. We’re already missing your moves and cackle Nat. I love you and hate to see you go.

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