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If you enjoy postcards like I do, you will love this new book by London based FL@33. A celebration of recent postcard design with 800 examples featuring over 100 artists, illustrators, photographers, designers and collectives from around the world.
Postcards” will be release between August and September and it contains 20 free designer postcards to send or collect. Sweet!

Beijing’s pictograms

The Pictograms of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games integrate pictographic charm of inscriptions on bones and bronze objects in ancient China with simplified embodiment of modern graphics to make them recognizable and easy to use.

Vernacular Typography Polaroids

Sweet series of hand-painted signs and vernacular typography polaroids taken over the past six years by Douglas Wilson.

Kalman and the Restaurant

Probably one of the best designer-client relationship ever was between greatest Tibor Kalman -well-known for his singular creativity, his work as editor-in-chief of Colors Magazine and his way to make commercial art serve society- and Florent Morellet, owner of Restaurant Florent in New York.
While Tibor made quirky advertisements for the Restaurant, Morellet fed the designers of M&Co (Kalman’s design firm) four days a week from 1985 to 1993. Great deal!
Click here to find the original work that now forms part of history.

Only for nonsmokers

An absolutely amazing Flickr set of advertising images and posters from all over the world through history related with the tobacco industry by Lamarde. I am really enjoying it.

Airport Security Follies

Don’t you just hate Airport Security? Particularly in certain countries, where their security procedures are so ridiculous they are even funny. This cartoon collection of Airport Security Follies has some really nice techniques and a great sense of humor.

The Creature is born

Rising from concept to physical realization and lurking in the depths of imagination, Invisible Creature emerges. And its invisibility certainly knows how to handle design, illustration and direction.
Careful, its work may have two simple purposes: to feed your inspiration or to completely kill your creative ego.

Creative Calendar Designs

Calendars have a lack of creativity. Truth, their function is more important than their design, but here is when practical creativity comes. And risk.
Smashing Magazine has an interesting collection of Creative Calendar Designs from all around the place. Enjoy!

Countries and their logos

With the aim to have an identity, countries also have their own logos.
Putting together symbols, colors and typography to represent a whole nation is probably one of the hardest tasks for a designer. See a collection here.

The Other Side

The idea behind the book “The Other Side” just fascinates me. Each page has a corresponding opposite, so we get to see the “two sides of the picture”. Here is a door, what’s on the other side?

Hungarian Istvan Banyai, artist and designer, uses his characteristic stylized illustrations to surprise us with the answer.

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