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ueno doubutsuen

ueno zoo

The identity for Ueno Zoo is absolutely thrilling. But, then again, so are the animals. What you see here is part of the map pamphlet to guide you around the zoo.

f letter


ron paul campaign

There’s an interesting campaign for Ron Paul in the US that has attracted a lot of talent in creating political posters to support his 2008 campaign. You can view many of the posters on

Big ideas come out of big pencils

The São Paulo office of Leo Burnett created these street ads for the CVV Suicide Prevention Center, Brazil, and I thought they were so nice, that I felt the vast audience of Fabrica blog readers should see them.

Techno Tuesday: Free Minutes

Take note, Cynthia, from Andy Rementer:Techno Tuesday will be on holiday for a few weeks. Perhaps you can expect some ‘on the road’ posts here and there. However, in the meantime you can always view past comics in the Archive section.
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Usually, most people feel the need to being thankful to something or someone who has spent their time or energy on them.
In this case, Evaristo and his wife are grateful because their pig gave birth to three precious healthy babies.
Because no duty is more urgent than that of giving thanks, I would like to say thank you to Matt. Thanks for the help, your sense of humor and for making the best blog on Earth.
No pressure.

swiss currency


Switzerland announces the winner of an invited competition to redesign its currency in 2010. Oh my, I have to let these winning designs ‘settle’ for a little bit, before I can even voice my thoughts…


(View the current banknote series. My favorite is the CHF 100 banknote with Giacometti and one of his sculptures on it.)

(via design observer, again)

live surface


LiveSurface images are pre-masked, high-resolution, layered TIF files with built-in Vanishing Point planes that have been built specifically to simplify the application of your flat artwork to real photographic surfaces for on-screen comping.

View the entire set content here.

B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!! Oh, I want one!

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printable paper rulers


Printable paper rulers. Brilliant!

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free online graph paper / grid paper PDFs

Unknown_1Brilliant: Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

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should be useful!

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