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Flipbook! in Japan

As winner of a grand prize in the Japan Media Arts Festival, Flipbook! will be present in the award ceremony on February 23, 2006 at The Westin Tokyo (inside of YEBISU GARDEN PLACE). There will also be a permanent exibith of the Festival from Febrary 24 – March 5, 2006 at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.
I really hope that people around the Tokyo area can come to the ceremony and be present. I never been to Tokyo before and i’m very corious about the city! See ya there!
On a personal note, i’m trying to raise some money to be able to bring my girlfriend with me, please visit the following link if you are interested on helping me:
Thank you!

Yet another Flipbook! of the week

We’ve noticed all the work being posted from Supaslim, and want to declare it the not so weekly , Flipbook! of the week. He’s done quite an extensive collection and we are damn proud of it. Congrats chap! you make us happy!

Flipbook! 3.2 update complete!

The 3.2 Update is up and running and the site is back online.
This is the criteria we used to ‘translate’ the 1 to 10 numerical rating into a ‘negative points vs. positive points’ system.
-If animation is rated with 8,9 or 10, it gets a number or positive votes equal to the times it’s been rated.
-If animation is rated with 7,6 or 5, it gets an equal number or positive votes and negative points, corresponding to its number of times rated divided by 2.
-If animation is rated with with less than 4 it gets a number or negative votes equal to the times it’s been rated.
I invite everyone to vote on their favorite animations now! and report bugs if you see any to
After doing the update i’m quite impressed that if you look in the ‘Top voted’ there is an animation that someone or someones, actually bothered to vote 1363 times!
As for Flipbook! of the week , im gonna do an entry soon, i’ve found some interesting material.
See ya then!

Flipbook 3.2 Update scheduled

The Flipbook 3.2 Update has been scheduled for Friday, 13th of January 2006 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM (UTC+1 time zone).
At this time the Flipbook! website will be closed.

Flipbook! 3.2 update

In the month of January, there will be an update to the Flipbook! website. The main porpouse of this update is to improve the rating system of the animations. Several people have contacted me about it and this feedback has proven to be very valuable.
The new features include:
*Radical change to the rating approach. To rate an animation, instead of being asked to give a rating from 1 to 10, there will be 2 options: “i like it” and “i don’t like it”. This way the mechanism is simplified and each animation will have a number of positive points and negative points that will produce a rating.

* The “Top rated” page will be changed for a “Top voted”. In this page there will be 3 categories: “Best voted”, “Controversial” and “Worst voted”. “Best voted” will show the animations with the most positive point difference. That is, the positive points minus the negative points. “Controversial” will show animations that have a very similar amount of positive and negative points. “Worst rated” will show animations with the most negative point difference. In all cases all animations must have a minimum number of votes to appear and only 1 page per category will be displayed.

* Additional code to make it harder for a single user to rate an animation many times.

There will be a “equivalency” routine to ensure that the current votings on animations are not lost but instead are translated into the new rating system.
The Flipbook! website will be closed temporarly for a couple of hours at the chosen upgrade date. I will inform this date on the Flipbook! website when it has been scheduled.
Questions and comments, please send to

Flipbook! wins!

Ok. Anne is not here, so i have to do it myself and this is gonna sound like big self promotion but here it goes.
Flipbook! just won a grand prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival!
The english version is not up yet on the Japan Media Arts Festival festival website.
But if you can read japanese click here!
Thanx to all Flipbook! users!


Well, it’s that annoying xmas time again kids! In the spirit of the hollydays we declare this as the Flipbook! of the week
If you are into xmas, check this out too!
Some people that were pretty good this week as well:
Corey and Doodle(look forward to his upcoming movie)
ANNOUNCEMENT: Ill be on break for a couple of days, so no Flipbook! of the week next week

Flipbook! of the week 2005.12.09

We at Flipbook! are big fans of anime, and as such we dedicate this week’s Flipbook! of the week to all the people who tribute their favorite series on Flipbook!
Our personal favorite is this sample here, one of many Naruto tribute animations. It was the fist anime tribute we saw,
Naruto is not the only anime series to be “flipped”. Other include “Full metal alchemist”, “Sailor moon”, “Dragon ball” and even my favorite all-time “Evangelion”

Staff’s pick – Flipbook! of the week

Russian based “Yakushina” has made quite an impression on us this week with his surreal and playfull Flipbook! animations where everything is always floating and morphing.

Flipbook! of the week

When we started Flipbook! back in february, there was one person who would add some of the best animations i’ve seen so far on the website. Apparently she is a girl from Paris who went by the alias of “marie”. Some time after, when we had our first misshap with the db , im sorry to say i lost over 2000 animations including all of hers.
Of course she was frustrated to have lost them and even wrote me an email about it, to wich i could only apologize and i still do.
To my surprise she used Flipbook! even after this, and she made some great animations signing them as “marie” form “paris” or more notably as “mariepomme”.
Anyways, this Flipbook! entitled Sex with barbapapa is an example of what she does, short and sweet, humorous animations with a hint of what could be best described as french sexyness.
This is this week’s Flipbook! of the week and i hope to see more from marie, whoever she is, wherever she is (Paris? i guess)

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