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Benettonplay Flipbook!
Main development of Flipbook! has moved to the newly launched site Benettonplay.
This version comes with user registration, a mayor step required to implement important upgrades to Flipbook! such as advanced editing (being able to save a Flipbook! without publishing to work on it later) and deleting, user ratings, contests and such.

Flipbook! of the week

Now, i know that i have featured Mariepomme in the past, but her newer animations are worth taking notice.
Each one impecable, short and not without some humor. I specially liked “home sweet home”, kinda reminds me of a hot summer day after work. I look forward to that… actually…
So please lets give the girl a vote or two, she deserves it big time.

Flipbook! : Bug fix

An important upgrade has been done to the ‘maker’ page interface on Flipbook!. Note that lines that go offstage will now record correctly as finished (instead of going on even after the mouse button wasn’t clicked).
as always, report bugs, annoyances and whishes to

Flipbook! bug fix

As of now, special characters will not fail to encode correctly at save time.
This was an embarrasing bug i meant to fix some time ago. So far i got it to work with Roman character sets.
As always report any malfunctions at

Quick update

Just wanted to announce two quick updates to Flipbook! Thank you all for your e-mails telling me about the features you want to see. Flipbook! is nowhere to finished so please continue to send me all you wishes and comments to flipbook at piterwilson dot com
1-“Randomize” link on Gallery page: With this link you can see a list of random animations on the gallery, not just the newest ones.
2-A new preference has been added to the “preferences” page that lets you pick wheter the animations open on a new window or not.
All the other things you have been asking are on the works, so keep on flippin’

Flipbook! Awarded!

Ok, ok, I know I’ve already said Juan is getting awarded for Flipbook! and he’s currently away in Japan, but I figured that Flipbook! fans might be interested in seeing the pics of him actually at the award ceremony!
more pics
I’m sure if Juan was here he’d like to thank all the Flipbook! users who have contributed hours and hours of drawing to make the site so fun and lively. So here’s a shoutout to all the Flipbook! fans! We at Fabrica love you all, and thank you for helping Juan get his award.

Flipbook! in Japan!

No Flipbook! of the week for a few weeks because our beloved, Juan Ospina, is currently in Japan to receive the Japan Media Art Award for Flipbook!
Here’s a picture of him with the poster:

And here’s the close up of the poster w/ Flipbook! and his name on it…

More of pics Juan and Tamara in Japan at his Flickr page.

Konishiwa, Flipbook! of the week

NIWASHI is an excellent Japanese artist.
I just wich i could understand the Japanese text that shows up along side of the action at some points. What is Kenchiku Gakka no Utsu?
Whatever it is, i say: Segoi!

Flipbook! of this cold week

Is it me or is this winter longer and colder than ever? I can’t go outside without freezing my Colombian bones to death. Seriously, maybe we should move FABRICA somewhere closer to the tropic.
As much as i hate winter, some people seem to have a lot of fun with it. For example i found this snowman animation “winter wonder land” by Laplop. It craked me up.
Also check out “Honey, it’s cold outside. (Kirby Short)” by Yoshu.
I hope the winter goes away sometime soon.

Flipbook! of the week

What is over 1,795 frames long, has 15 episodes including 1 special advertisement short and is the Flipbook! of this week!?
Thats right! You guessed it!
SAMURAI’S WHISPER! by Duran Remone Guy-Williams.
This is the type of commitment to ninjas and random fighting that keeps Flipbook! goin’

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