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Icing or Cake… in NYC this week!

Fabricanti Selwa Sweidan, Bethany Koby, and Eric Faggin are in NYC this week for their installation prepared to coincide with the ICFF New York. Stop by and check them out!

This off-site installation takes place in two storefront windows in Manhattan exploring the stories of objects and the relationships between the design, the designer, the producer, the shopkeeper and the customer. We will physically strip the surface and dissasemble a couch to then create and display objects composed of pieces of a couch.

May 17-19: Chasahama, 112 West 44th Street.
Visitng hours: 12-5pm
May 20-23: The Apartment, 101 Crosby Street.
Visitng hours: 1-7pm

Fabrica does Bologna Politics

The unsuccessful and awfully delayed server move, which paused the blogging activity on blog.Fabrica, caused us to miss covering not only the Milan’s Salone Del Mobile but also the election! We also failed to inform you about this project:
From April 3 – 17, a Fabrica project was installed at the Fabrica Features store front in Bologna to coincide with the Italian national election. The project, which utilizes CommPose (developed here at Fabrica Interactive), was titled “Left-Right-Center: Your Pictures, Your Politics”. This interactive installation asked the viewer to contribute cellphone photos to screens that are titled “left” “right” “center”, accordingly.

Well, the installation finished and in the end collected 105 photos, evenly divided into 3 groups of political stance — which we find to be such uncanny representative of the result of the national election — with the “Left” screen had slightly more photos. 😉
The result of that installation is now on a website,
More installation are in the planning for the CommPose system: Bangkok, Toronto, and even a proposal for São Paulo, Brazil is in the works! Stay tune.

“View from my house, go here at least once!”

A very special blog.FABRICA feature brought to you by the collective minds of Fabricanti. As Easter holiday, May Day and the rest of the summer is coming up, you may be wanting to plan your summer travels… so here’s a tip of what our backyard looks like from around the world:
From Rune Ricciardelli
“this is what you can see from my house in positano!
everybody should go there once!!!!”

From Daniel Hirschman
Heres a little pic from Southern Africa… Everybody should go there at least once toooooo!

From Federico Urdanata
this is what you can see from my house in bogota!
everybody should go there once!!!!

(and lots more after the break!)

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Introducing Art Report

A more in-depth report blog focusing on new media art research by Fabrica Interactive Department, currently featuring researches and field reports in both Italian and English! It’s mostly being updated by Silvia, but contributions by Fabricante are welcomed. If you have something you feel is appropriate, just talk to us (Ann or Silvia).
happy reading!

Featuring Fabricante…

Fabricante Andy Rementer‘s work gets featured in technology related blogs for his anti-ipod stickers:

Earlier this year, a New Yorker named Andy Rementer put up posters in Manhattan, showing a crudely-drawn iPod, with the words “You don’t need me” written on its screen. Photos of the posters became popular on-line; like Sak’s video, they quickly stirred up a debate.
“I was frustrated by the way iPods were forced upon us,” says Rementer, adding that protest is tough in an iPod world. “Most people were complaining about the fact that I drew the wrong number of buttons on the iPod.”

read more on the anti-ipod movement from the globe and mail.
and months ago, this image of his paste up was flickr-ed by Shira Golding

then picked up by Engadget, where he gets priceless comments like:
wrong number of buttons.
Its a kid who wants to buy one but his parents wont let him, so he’s telling people not to get them. Simple as that.
but i do need you!
and so on…
give him props at the mensa!

b.F Featured Project: Their Circular Life

Their Circular Life: an exploration about human behavior
In the artists’ own words: “Humans are all equal. They have the same needs. They feel, act and behave accordingly to an unknown law. Urban places know this well. By living the life of urban infrastructure, you become an external observer of what happens everyday in every place on earth.”


Their Circular Life is a web-based photography project by Lorenzo Fonda and Davide Terenzi that narrates a day-in-life of an urban infrastructure. There are currently five stories online, and they are waiting for more.
Still photos and sound clips are collected from a single point of view over a 24 hour period, then combined together to make a time-lapsed video of that urban infrastructure’s perspective. The Flash interface allows the viewer to control the circular timeline and explore the life of the environment.
Lorenzo and Davide started this project in 2001 and shot in two different locations. They’ve opened up the project for contribution: you can download the flash file, take photos from your bedroom window (or anywhere else), record some sounds, and add your own Circular Life scene to the project.

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