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Check out the website of Volksfaden for ordering stylin’ patterns online. They offer organic cotton fabrics, which are made without the use of pesticides or fungicides; these are healthy for the people farming the production of cotton, as well as for the rest of the world.

Fashionable type

Sweet typographical scarf by Little Factory. They also have a lowercase and a numeric version.

Made in, where?

Yes people, it used to be a day when all countries could produce.
Here you can find a pretty big and diverse collection of clothing labels that can testify that.

Herr von Eden

What happened to those glorious days when suits were fitting and everything was just dandy?


Bent A. Jensen is a lover of the suit, and is dedicating himself to it’s heyday. He spent his formative years foraging and working in second-hand stores, where he collected those of the 1920’s – 70s. He began by renting and selling his collection, and now tailors his own. His label is ‘Herr von Eden‘, and his boutiques are in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Copenhagen.

Vintage Fabric

Here you will find a beautiful and inspiring vintage fabric set on Flickr.


HeadHoods is an idea that started from a good coffee buzz and the thought that the hood is such an unutialized piece of fabric.
Wearing one is almost like putting on another identity.

Ode to the sock

Because a single sock can save your dignity.

Newbee 4

Oh this thursdays tip is top notch. As you know we are at Fabrica related to a certain company working almost primarly with knitwear and this country we spend our time in is known for high quality knitwear and are very proud of it, which they of course have a reason to be. Still, I think it’s important for them to see that there are countries making it even better, and also I want to give them some inspiration for their future collections.
And for the people of Treviso that are bound to freezing humidity all winter, they should reconsider their posh cashmere lifestyle and see how the professionals keep warm.
All respect to Italy, but Bulgarians do it better.
Look for more inspiration here:

Newbee 3

This morning was not a wonderful start so sadly I did not suceed to dress as todays tip. So these drawings are to illustrate how you can make everyday life nicer just by dressing according to this. So, from now on, what I warmly recommend is to by clothes in the same colorscale and try to dress gradient. By doing this you will certainly feel more harmonious or at least make your collegues, friend and family feel more harmonious when they lay their eyes on you. Dressing gradient is also a way of expressing where your focus is that day, if your head is heavy, start with the darker colors there. If your stomach feels strange you can start from the middle and light up everything around. It’s not only beautiful, it’s a perfect way of communicating through clothing!


In the strive of finding style in the jungle of Treviso this post and and more to come will try to give you suggestions, tricks and help you when you feel lost in the world of fashion, style and trends.
With an unpretentious starting point, even if some of you surely think that there is no way of being unpretentious in these matters, thursdays further on will be dedicaded to an easy styletip, which hopefully will enrich your weekend.
I lived with an old couple once, named Ulla and Kurt. Kurt had mintgreen jeans and smoked very strong cigarettes trying to avoid his wife to see it. Kurt did not have a hairdryer but he had another tip which I will now share with you. Every time after cleaning his hair he draped a t-shirt bandanastyle round his head and left it until the hair was dry, this gave him a perfectly flat coiffure. With this and also with the by Benetton copied Bohostyle that was shown at the fashionshow, we now have a perfect way of using the Fabrica sweater.
Since Treviso is getting colder, and it’ s always a nice style to wear all your clothes at the same time.
Also some tips on where to travel this autumn:

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