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The Australia Project


The Inaugural Australia Project Melbourne Exhibition

The Australia Project is a series of creative initiatives aimed at critically examining the national Australian identity.

Engaging prominent Australian creatives and the general public alike, the project provokes wide-spread debate regarding contemporary Australian culture.

Post-colonial, multi-cultural, historically conflicted & geographically isolated, The Australia Project re-examines clichéd cultural stereotypes, with the intention of revealing new perspectives from Australians today.

Premiering at the AGIdeas 2010 International Design Week,  the launch of The Inaugural Australia Project Exhibition occurs at the C3 Contemporary Art Space on Wednesday April 28 at 6:00pm.

Encompassing a selection of contemporary interpretations from Australia’s most talented creatives, the exhibition includes work from:

Michael Hall, Mimmo Cozzolino, The Glue Society, David Lancashire, 3 Deep Design, Kevin Finn and Ghostpatrol.

New and existing works from The Australia Project’s community based initiatives will also be on display, whilst co-curators Chris Edser, Scott Heinrich and Yianni Hill offer further insights as to the project’s progression, rationale and future direction.

Summit Of The Minds will be exhibiting their latest social campaign alongside current and ex-Fabricanti: Elliott Burford, Chris Edser, Christian Ghezzi, Scott Heinrich, Yianni Hill, Jesse Marlow and Kingston Trinder.

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Thursday Special Deliveries!

“I will show you mine if you show me yours” A special message, I considered, displayed on my Ichat this afternoon. Although, only minutes later, the magic was sucked out of this message with; “sorry, I meant that I will only show you my website if you show me your website.” Well….moving on to what today is really about:
As is customary at Fabrica, every thursday at 6.30pm a resident or a trial student shows their work. All Fabricantes gather into the cinema, and with few glitches and twitches (always), a grandisimo presentation is made (always!). Last Thursday, 22 year old Gonçalo Campos, recently graduated from FBAUL- the Fine Arte Faculty of Lisbon University in Portugal where he has been majoring in Product Design for the last five years, showed some of his recent work. A look at his presentation is a look into his beautiful, minimalist-yet-with-an-eye for detail, and reassuring personality.

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Fiere di San Luca

Photographer Jen kindly shares her hilarious impressions from the recent Fiere di San Luca, enjoy:
“Before going here, I thought Euro carnies would have more eloquence than those of America – kinda like French prostitutes shockingly look like they could somebodys’ mom.
But Fiere di Luca set me back, and I crawled through the glaring lights, on hands and knees to avoid punches from defensive rogues fleeing the law for one addiction or the other. Unfortunately the carnies seemed somewhat ‘off-limits’ – so I decided to focus on the delirious event as a whole, in the vaguest form possible. ENJOY.”

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Geremia Vinattieri: a new noisy Fabricante

Directly from Florence, one of the most important city in the world for Arts, a new guy has just joined the Music department at Fabrica.
His name is Geremia Vinattieri and his “noisy creativity” is something impossible to ignore!

Geremia Vinattieri from andy cameron on Vimeo.
How would you describe yourself?
A guy with a great interest in Art, in all its forms and aspects.
What did you expect from this place?
To find what I’ve actually found: a place where I can develop my creative identity.
Lets talk about your “Drummpaint” performance. What did you want to communicate?
Basically the idea expressed by the performance is a perfect symbiosis between my two main passions: Music and Graphics.
I’ve studied at the artistic secondary school, then I attended the Academy of fine Arts, now I make illustrations and I play drums. So I wanted to combine both visual and musical expressions, without letting one being stronger than the other.
What about your dreams?
There are a lot of dreams… our dreams depend on our age, temporary interests, phases….
I’d like to realize them all without betraying who I was once, who I am now, and who I will be…
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Build Your Own Mosque by Annechien

Ex-fabricante Annechien van Litsenburg, now based in Amsterdam, recently realized these building blocks for promoting religious education and tolerance. They are also now a finalist in the EL HEMA Design Competition. Winner gets 4 weeks of learning Arabic in Damascus.
Competition info (in English).

Featuring: Heaven’s Eye

This installation by our Japanese Fabricante Nobuhisa Ishizuka (a.k.a. Nobu) does allow you to trace people in the installation area from a security camera above the visitors.

Featuring Marco Mucig

YesPlusMe is a brand new collaborative project. A picture every day, an idea every day and lots of fun!
The project was born around middle september of 2005, so it’s quite new, but you can already see some good stuff…
Marco and Roberto started working together during the permanence at Ekostudio, an italian studio
in the north east of Italy where they had the idea of this project but at that time they didn’t develop anything at all. so after almost 3 years, keeping in touch by email and Ichat, they finally decided to materialize the previous idea and one morning Roberto and Marco said to themself: Let’s do it and…
that’s it!
Roberto lives and works in London as graphic designer at bowowolondon.
Marco lives an works in Treviso as new media designer at F a b r i c a.”

Featuring Marco Mucig

by Marco Mucig and Carlo Zoratti aka – I ragazzi della prateria

Featuring Marco Mucig

Marco was one of the finalists in Pharmacy Industry’s “10 Shoots on 10 Styles” Competition, for emerging photographers.

Featuring Marco Mucig

Marco Mucig is a creature of the wild. As a child he ran naked in fields. He was free and happy and then he was captured. He did not complain, His captors were fair and considerate; they gave him pens and cameras, they gave him notebooks and paper. He used those tools to create and explore in illustration, photograpy, video, and graphic design. He developed those skills further, working for Steinmannklinik (Helsinki, Finland), Studiocamuffo (Venice), and now with Fabrica, Benetton’s research center. Still, his soul remains wild. Marco makes regular trips back to the mountains where he snowboards. Do not worry for him. He is not lonely. For he is part of a community, filled with like-minded individuals. Together they grill food and throw snowballs.
“Used on a t-shirt I designed for Spunky, to be released next summer.”

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