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rollerblading in treviso

While I still don’t know what legalities exist for rollerblading in the streets of Treviso, one thing is certain: it originated here. I’m willing to try it out en route to and from mensa, but the cobblestone streets of the city center are probably too menacing.
from wikipedia:
“Rollerblade is a type of inline skate. The name is a registered trademark owned by Nordica, part of the Tecnica Group of Trevignano, Treviso, Italy. Scott and Brennan Olson sold their Minneapolis company and it became Rollerblade, Inc. which has changed hands over time between Nordica, Benetton Group and Tecnica. The Rollerblade trademark has been in use since March of 1983. While the company does not want the meaning of its trademark to be diluted, the term “rollerblade” is frequently used in casual conversations as a generic word for any inline skate, regardless of brand. This misuse has also appeared on “official” items such as signs, buildings, and sidewalks.[citation needed]
This Company is also responsible for the creation of the TRS brand of aggressive rollerskates.”

Come lead us, Sig. Castro

Now that Fidel is retiring, maybe he has time to take up Luciano’s invitation to be a ‘teacher of revolution’ at Fabrica.
I didn’t believe it, until I read this article in the New York Times.
via comrade Patrick.

Colors 73

Colors Magazine looks at money -life’s most coveted companion- in its myriad forms, by taking cash out of circulation and testing it in a lab. From blood, metal, ash and oil to cocaine, soil, skin and feces, money, passing through the hands of millions, retains traces of the activities –both noble and scandalous– of those who touched it. That’s Colors journey, an exploration that results in one simple conclusion: Money, the stranger we spend most of our time thinking of, is an illusion.
Interesting and very refreshing!
Colors 73 is on sale now.

Africa Works

Africa Works is a new global communication campaign in favour of micro-credit developed by Fabrica, in partnership with Youssou N’Dour and Birima, his co-operative credit society in Senegal that offers financial services for SMEs, craftspeople, professionals and artists to help them start and independently develop their business.
Youssou N’Dour, one of Africa’s best-known singers and a man committed to humanitarian projects, comments: “my personal experience led me to realise that when a loan, however small, is used to develop an idea or realise a project, it is an effective way of fighting poverty. This is why everybody must understand the value of micro-credit. Africa doesn’t want charity, it wants repayable subsidised loans.”
Click here to find more information and to see some beautifully done videos.

Bookmark this

Dearest readers:
Time changes things, but some things stubbornly refuse to drastic changes.
This blog, formerly known as, lost the link with the launch of the new Fabrica’s site. But now you can find it directly here:
Ready to become your bookmark!

Welcome Lizy!

There we go! Lizy Cretney, interactive department’s sweetheart and multitasking graphic designer (also known as the woman who saved the blog) is also joining the blogshphere to make it stronger, better and greater.
Let’s give her a big thanks as well as a warm welcome!

It’s back and growing!

Tad Kimball, Fabrica’s cooler, biggest biker and awesome graphic designer has stepped up to the blogging plate, sharing with us some good stuff and yeah, giving us –finally- some air to breathe.
Give him a huge welcome since he will be one keeping this site alive and moving.

Our saviour

As you may know, the blog was mysteriously gone for more than a week after –they- published the new Fabrica website. Apparently, -they- couldn’t find a solution during all those days, as I was the most depressed person in the world.
Then, the feminine force came to save the blogsphere (and our sanity). Lizy, our super woman and her impressive skills came up with a solution in the spite of a couple of hours, and finally, thanks to her, here we are again.
Thank you mujer, you are the greatest!!!



For my last post, I thought it would be a great idea to do something perfect for the chilly winter.
A few days ago me and Rita Botelho managed to take this image of Fabrica in ice on one of the highest spots in the Dolomites. If left undisturbed the image is likely to last for several thousand years.
Happy Travels to all and have a Great Christmas !!!

2 Blogger spots are now open at Fabrica as me and Michael both leave. Karol, our Mexican Blog Queen, continues to rule …but i am sure she would love some company on board!

Restaurant reviews

Above, la pizza musicista at Da Roberto.
My restaurant reviews of Treviso, come to you today, as one of my last blog entries, and also in Simple English.

All’antico Portico

Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore 18
Price: €€€
Favorite dish: Gnocchi ripieni di radicchio
The service here is really great. Nice to sit on the terrace outside on a cool summer night. The gnocchi is fucking ridiculous. Also, try the baked pumpkin flowers as an appetizer. The inside has amazing vintage signs and things of that like. One of my favorites.
Via Filodrammatici 5
Price: €€
Only been here once so I don’t really remember it, i have to say. I remember being really hungry and having a really small portion of pasta. But maybe it was normal size and i thought it was small because i was so hungry. Maybe. Small interior.
Osteria al Radicchio Rosso
Via Tolpada 25
Price: €€
Favorite dish: Spaghetti alle vongole
Went here when i first arrived with Marian, Lizy and Karol, and they made Karol wear this amazing bib with a tuxedo printed on it because she ordered spaghetti con frutta di mare. Classic. Amazing food at reasonable prices, large pasta portions. Weird lighting inside.
Pizzeria Madam
Via Risorgimento 10
Price: €
Favorite dish: Curry rice pilaf
Least favorite pizzeria i have been to. Really slow service no matter the party size. Interior is eurotrashy and the pizza ain’t so great.
Pizzeria Sant’Agostino
Via Sant’Agostino 35
Price: €
Favorite dish: Penne mamma rosa
A Fabrica favorite, a great place that will host a really large crowd of us. Really fast service

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