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The Australia Project


The Inaugural Australia Project Melbourne Exhibition

The Australia Project is a series of creative initiatives aimed at critically examining the national Australian identity.

Engaging prominent Australian creatives and the general public alike, the project provokes wide-spread debate regarding contemporary Australian culture.

Post-colonial, multi-cultural, historically conflicted & geographically isolated, The Australia Project re-examines clichéd cultural stereotypes, with the intention of revealing new perspectives from Australians today.

Premiering at the AGIdeas 2010 International Design Week,  the launch of The Inaugural Australia Project Exhibition occurs at the C3 Contemporary Art Space on Wednesday April 28 at 6:00pm.

Encompassing a selection of contemporary interpretations from Australia’s most talented creatives, the exhibition includes work from:

Michael Hall, Mimmo Cozzolino, The Glue Society, David Lancashire, 3 Deep Design, Kevin Finn and Ghostpatrol.

New and existing works from The Australia Project’s community based initiatives will also be on display, whilst co-curators Chris Edser, Scott Heinrich and Yianni Hill offer further insights as to the project’s progression, rationale and future direction.

Summit Of The Minds will be exhibiting their latest social campaign alongside current and ex-Fabricanti: Elliott Burford, Chris Edser, Christian Ghezzi, Scott Heinrich, Yianni Hill, Jesse Marlow and Kingston Trinder.

For more info visit:

Happy holidays!

Fabrica Lake Fabrica Columns Fabrica Entrance
Snowing @ Fabrica

The magic kitchen table

Maia, Chris and Babak got together this weekend to talk about music, poetry, film, dreams… Plus, you get to hear some of ChrisMaia delicious songs.

Fabrica lectures: Yu Hua “My Uncanny and Amusing China”

On Friday 3 October the famous Chinese novelist Yu Hua came to Fabrica for an interesting Lecture titled “My Uncanny and Amusing China”.
He told us about China’s recent history, traditional mindsets, contradictions, extremisms, and hopes in an enterteining and passionated way.
In particular, he told us about his chilhood, when people could not even use the word “love”; about the fast Chinese economic growth in the last 40 years; and then about the big gaps between people’s dreams and desires (from an airplane to a simple pair of shoes!).
In the end, answering to our questions, he talked about the feeling that Democracy is going to be the political goal his country is looking for.
And yet, after having talked about unbelieveble and crazy episodes of his life we can hardly imagine, he could not but smile referring to Italian democracy.
As people sometimes may feel ashamed of what happened in the past, I feel ashamed of “My well known and funny Italy” today!


Happily in the wrong place.
If there was one thing our fabricanti were not expecting to be confronted by on their way down to the cinema after a hard days writing, drawing, filming, designing, playing, planning and researching last Thursday evening, it was probably semiotic formulations expressing the science behind language codes. “But Giulia’s in graphic design right?” comes a querying whisper. Giulia is indeed in the graphic design department, Visual Communication to be precise. However, as these presentations constantly reveal, Fabrica’s fabricanti have many unexpected cards up their colourful sleeves. Miss Giulia De Meo is of course no exception to this and her card of choice this particular Thurs-Day-Night was Semiotics.
Like Alice herself, we were taken on an unexpected journey through this wonderland of coded meaning and diverse understanding. From Charles Sanders Pierce to Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (himself coded by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll) and his ‘racist flowers’, who fail to break their thought structure so as to understand Alice in the context of Wonderland, as anything other than an ugly plant; to Sherlock Holmes who solved crimes by combining imagination and logic and breaking out of common thought structures; to the history of the Christian Church; to Micheal Gondry’s ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ which encourages us to break our thought structures and “take me somewhere where I don’t belong, where we can hide”; to Radiohead’s ‘Everything is its right place’, live in London. Here Giulia brought together the various elements she had discussed during the presentation to show how the same logical semiotic theories and philosophies are found in film, music, literature, design and indeed anything that questions the set thought structures which determine how we approach and interpret
‘everything’ and it’s ‘right place’ in the world around us.
Whether “semiotics will make you crazy” as Giulia jokes, is yet to be seen, but it certainly sent us away feeling that maybe we’re all quite “happily, in the wrong place”.


The secret sound garden of Francesco Novara
francesco 11.jpg
After a long day in a hot, sunbaked Fabrica, a rabble of eager fabricanti clutching ice creams and coffee freshly expelled from the the machinetta, hasten their way down to the cool depths of the Fabrica Cinema for an extended evening of film and frolics.
They are met by Francesco Novara, veteran of F A B R I C A Musica, waiting, poised to present beneath a huge projection screen showing an entrance display of ‘hilarious football goofs’ to lighten the mood. When we are all sitting comfortably, Francesco begins. “It can be a little lonely [recording and producing in the studio] as you’re always on you’re own”, he explains, not quite answering the question always on our minds at the start of Thurs-Day-Night fabricanti presentations of ‘what exactly do you do at Fabrica?’ Although everyone had previously heard Francesco’s work and were aware of his talent, it still came as a surprise when one month ago he revealed ‘The quick fox and the lazy dog’, the original CD accompaniment to the Fabrica ColoursNotebook project. In his Thurs-Day-Night presentation Francesco picks apart various tracks from this collection for us, revealing the method in the madness which took stimulus from computer font names such as ‘courier new’ and turned them into recorded samples which were then mixed, chopped and assembled along with a series of diverse rhythms and vocals, all produced by Francesco himself, to create this album of original contemporary music which was presented with the ColorsNotebook project in Berlin last month.
The presentation culminated with a full volume ‘sound a light show’ (thank you to Gabo on the lights…) of ‘Stencil’, a fabricanti favorite off ‘The quick fox and the lazy dog’, leaving everyone just about rejuvenated enough to take on the Godfather double bill which took the more hardcore film watchers way into the night.

Fabrica Forma Fotografia has winners

The FFF contest, promoted by Fabrica and by Forma, International Center of Photography, Milano, received about 160 entries from all over the world for both F and F25 awards.
The recipient of the F award is Leonie Purchas, from Great Britain, with the essay “In the shadow of things.”
The winner of the F25 award is for Abdul Munem Wasif, from Bangladesh, with “Old Dhaka”.
The winning F project will receive a contribution of euro 20.000, the possibility of publishing a book and of having an exhibition of the selected work. The F25 winner (for photographers under 25), will be awarded a one year scholarship in Fabrica’s Photography Department.

Fabrica Features Fabricante

Some beautiful forms from Fabrica.
Fabricante and Fabrica Features products photographed together by Liz Hingley with designer Becka Citron.

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Jen Does Bassano

Phew and yay!
Jen forgave me, and let me share some wonderful photos she took at the Alpini Festival. View this post to see the full 15 photo series.
We hope to have some commentary from our new writer to go along side these soon. Watch this space.

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