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Jen and the Alpini

Scott captured this video at the Alpini Festival in Bassano Del Grappa over the weekend. He made me post it.

Brand Next

In the Store for Tomorrow, you don’t pay to get; you give to get. You do not need any cash; instead, you are required to commit to an action. Time, ideas, skills, effort and content are the currency.
Held in London and New York, Brand Next revolutionizes the way we think and buy by helping us to do more and better, and we are very proud to announce that former fabricanti Bethany Koby and dearest Michael Ciancio are part of it. Great job guys!

Charlton Heston RIP

“Charlton Heston, who appeared in some 100 films in his 60-year acting career but who is remembered chiefly for his monumental, jut-jawed portrayals of Moses, Ben-Hur and Michelangelo, died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. He was 84.”
From: NY Times article.

At Oswald

Oswald, the studio/playground/project space located in Berlin, presents “No Shooting Time for Foxes,” an exhibition by Fabian Bechtle, Sebastian Gerbert, Stephanie Hotz, Elisabeth Schulze and former fabricante Maik Bluhm.
All the info:

Are you?

AIGA DC’s inaugural student design competition.
Categories: print, interactive and narrative.
Deadline: May 2, 08.
Here you will find the info.


This year’s Toca Me Design Conference was held in Munich a couple of weeks ago, and our own Andy Cameron was a speaker. He came in to Fabrica afterwards and casually mentioned he had met James Paterson, Mario Klingemann, Erik Natzke, and Andreas Müller, etc. Awesome. He also had the priviledge of having his initials sculpted in foam, set in wax and melted with a heat gun. Also Awesome.

The trailer for the conference was created by Dvein, of Barcelona. Find our Andy at 1′ 30”.
Check out:
James Paterson (,,
Mario Klingemann (,
Erik Natzke (
Andreas Müller (,


Gary Gygax, one of the co-creators of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
Read more.

Oriented Strand Board

Maik Bluhm, graphic artist, musician and former fabricante has Oswald, a studio/playground/project space in intriguing Berlin, where for first time will held an exhibition.
Oriented Strand Board by Stephanie Hotz and Elisabeth Schulze, will open this Saturday 23, February 2008 – 18.00.
Here you can find more information.

Africa Works

Africa Works is a new global communication campaign in favour of micro-credit developed by Fabrica, in partnership with Youssou N’Dour and Birima, his co-operative credit society in Senegal that offers financial services for SMEs, craftspeople, professionals and artists to help them start and independently develop their business.
Youssou N’Dour, one of Africa’s best-known singers and a man committed to humanitarian projects, comments: “my personal experience led me to realise that when a loan, however small, is used to develop an idea or realise a project, it is an effective way of fighting poverty. This is why everybody must understand the value of micro-credit. Africa doesn’t want charity, it wants repayable subsidised loans.”
Click here to find more information and to see some beautifully done videos.

Mano a mano

Mano a mano is a collaboration between our missed former fabricate Guillermo Rivero altogether with Isabel Ruiz and César López, which entails photography of folkloric and dazzling Mexican Bare knuckle fight as cultural entertainment.
The exhibition will open this Friday February 8 at 8:00pm, until Saturday March 8, 2008 in the Centro Integral de Fotografia located in Puebla, México.
Here is another homesick.
¡La mejor de las suertes Memito!

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