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Bomb/Asteroid calculator

A Googlemaps utility to calculate the dimension of a nuclear bomb or asteroid, in any location.

Power to (or from?) the music!

If you are in Rotterdam and you wanna have an “energetic” dancing night, Watt is finally open and the Sustainable Dance Floor is a reality.

During the last workshop at Fabrica, Cameron Sinclair asked the students to imagine a soccer team club for young people in Zambia. Thinking of the importance of music and dance in that country, Lars, Pushkar, Priya and I tried to think of how to produce electricity and save consumptions.
That’s how I discovered Sustainable Dance Club.
SDC invented an Energy Generating Dance Floor that converts the movement of the dancing
crowd into electricity and uses this power to change the
appearance of the floor’s surface.
All visuals are a continuous real-time interaction between the
clubbers on the floor made visible, allowing every individual’s
actions to contribute to the collective experience.

Doing your part for the environment doesn’t have to be boring

they say…
but that’s spectacular isn’t it?

Stop making crap

We present 1000 -very well used- words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design by Allan Chochinov.
A little bit of good reading for our own benefit. Like the author said: The power of design is an amazing thing. Let’s wield it wisely.
Our interview with Sophie Thomas also has a lot of interesting material.

Some things are bigger than politics

Part of the Green Party campaign based in New Zealand.
Great concept, useful information and very well done site.
I have always said that Kiwis are awesome people!

Continent of Plastic

plastic ocean trash.jpg
A heap of debris is floating in the Pacific that’s twice the size of Texas, according to marine biologists. The so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an enormous stew of trash – which consists of 80 percent plastics and weighs some 3.5 million tons. It floats where few people ever travel, in a no-man’s land between San Francisco and Hawaii.
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Wipe Yourself With South America

Saatchi & Saatchi of Copenhagen created this effective paper dispenser which visually and clearly conveys that the use of paper contributes to the destruction of natural forests in South America. I’d personally hate to be the one taking the last piece.

Bad News

As graphic designers, we’re involved in the destruction of forests as well as fuelling the need for oil and increasing air pollution by choosing petroleum-based inks. More information on
Via CR Blog.

Pigeons Write A Smog Blog

When Beatriz da Costa releases 20 pigeons into the smoggy skies of San Jose, California in August, the flock will be writing what might be the world’s first avian blog—one offering a bird’s-eye perspective on air pollution. Each pigeon will be equipped with a tiny backpack loaded with devices that will measure pollution data and transmit the information to the web, creating a real-time air pollution index. Da Costa, an assistant professor in the graduate arts, computation and engineering program at University of California-Irvine (UCI), plans to release the pigeons twice a day during the 9-day conference of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, which begins August 5th. But the “Pigeonblog” is more than a cutting-edge art project—it also points to a more egalitarian future for environmental monitoring, when the ubiquity of communications networks and increasingly small and powerful personal electronic gear will let anyone assess the quality of the air they breathe.
Read the article from Plenty Magazine

Great Britain: Hunt for shade becomes the new national pastime

A man cools down in the fountains in Derby city centre. Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA
From Guardian
Britain’s favourite summer pastime, strange to recall, used to be complaining about the drizzle. Happily, we are nothing if not adaptable. As a week of blistering weather intensified further across most of Britain yesterday, pushing temperatures to record-breaking July levels, the country was demonstrating its mastery of a new hobby: trying to keep cool as roads melted and train tracks buckled
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