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Pee to Fertilizer


Pee at the Ars and Electronica Festival 09.

Pee at the Ars Electronica Festival 09.

Rich Bubbly Fertilizer

Rich Bubbly Fertilizer

This was one notable souvenir from this year’s Ars Electronica Festival and I didn’t expect my urine sample can be so endearing to me. But give it to artists Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray and they’ll chemically transform any summer-grass smelling urine into rich bubbly fertilizer for your household plants. The drink.pee.drink.pee.drink.pee project takes on an epic challenge to curb pollutants  in our urine from getting into out waterways. 

Inside out

Here is an idea that will make our bill-mail less outrageous. Is simple, environmental, creative and completely free my friends. By recycling those security envelopes that we constantly get, we can create a really cool stationary to reuse later on.

1. Carefully de-construct your envelopes using your fingers, a letter opener or a blade, making sure not to rip the paper.
2. Unfold the envelope completely, and flip over so printed side is facing down. Re-fold the envelope inside-out along the score lines and apply glue along any seams that overlap. To seal the envelopes, we put a little glue along the top edge and tucked it under the main envelope flap for a clean finish. Done!
Here you can also find a flickr set of security envelope patterns.

Wrap it with fabric

Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was frequently used to transport clothes, gifts or other goods. But during these critical and polluted days, it can be a practical alternative to plastic bags, wrapping paper and much more.
As we know, fabric is resistant, reusable, multipurpose, we can find it everywhere and well used is also environmentally friendly.
Here you will find the different techniques to the creative art of Furoshiki.
Via Sarita Sachii

Camouflaging your iPod

”ipod_walkman.jpg” Here an idea that will protect that precious little machine of yours and at the same time, will bring back those memories of real rock and roll and aqua net.

Valentine’s Day Suggestion #3

Get out your PIC 16F676 Microcontroller and an Epson 16×1 LCD Display for your special one.
However there’s something kind of unromantic about the word wife, and the wife seems to agree. But well done anyway, Extra Ketchup.

Valentine’s Day Suggestion #1

Get out your needle and thread for your special one.
I’d love to see this as a real fire screen.
Image found at Poppytalk

New book

A new book is out by the Crimethinc. Ex-Workers Collective. This is a group of activists, artists and people who want to make the most of life by any means necessary.
“… an exploration of the complex relationship between ideals and reality. Expect Resistance is a field manual for a field on which all manuals are useless, a meditation on individual transformation and collective resistance in disastrous times…”


Foldschool is a collection of free cardboard furniture for kids, handmade by you. The downloadable patterns can be printed out with any printer. Follow the instructions and assemble a stable piece of furniture. And they appear pretty strong. Dont miss seeing the picture of a person standing on a cardboard stool!
See more here

What every fabricante needs

Although a lot of us have really trendy, modern baskets attached to our bikes, i think this DIY project would be the ideal solution to our grocery shopping needs – even though it looks impossible to steer and has no brakes.
Mike Hulsebus

Low Budget Christmas

For all of the fabricantes and those out there with no money and a color printer, check this out.
via nakedgarlic

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