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Out There: where Architecture meets Semiotics

What are the first things you think when I say “architecture”?
Heavy long-lasting buildings? Pyramids? Sparky skyscrapers? A thirty floor residence? The tour Eiffel?
If this is what we usually mean by “architecture”, maybe we need to change our beliefs.
As Semiotics tought me, the meaning of things is not simply an “object” (a “chair” is not only “the object that has the shape of a chair”, because a stone on the grass is actually a chair, if you sit on it!) but the consequences related to them (actions but also feelings).
In other terms, the meaning is what things REPRESENT.
Thats why the 11th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice is called “Out there: Architecture Beyond Building”.
Architecture is not just about “buildings” and “constructions” (=objects): we need to look beyond them.
Today the world is extremely dynamic, buildings cannot be something eternal anymore. What we create must be easy to develop, light, avaiable to be changed in order to our temporary needs.
Architecture is the way to create a world that

we feel like home
(Aaron Betsky)

but paradoxically, without building stable houses.
Its a way to communicate our time, our fears, our views.
Buildings dont represent this anymore.
Visual arts and performances, cinema, collage, illustrations, practices, immaginations, deconstructions, experiences, undefined shapes. Sperimentation, and not just an exposition of what already exists.
This is what I saw “Out there”.

Eat the type

Kathryn Hinton came up with a very original tableware design. The pieces include lettering on the prongs of forks that correspond with words imprinted in bowls. Nice!
She has more here.

Fashionable type

Sweet typographical scarf by Little Factory. They also have a lowercase and a numeric version.

Creative Calendar Designs

Calendars have a lack of creativity. Truth, their function is more important than their design, but here is when practical creativity comes. And risk.
Smashing Magazine has an interesting collection of Creative Calendar Designs from all around the place. Enjoy!

Masashi Kawamura

Rainbow in your hand. A Flipbook.
See the video here.
Check out his other work here.

Shary Boyle

Porcelain figurine from the “Otherworld Uprising” series by Shary Boyle.

Stop making crap

We present 1000 -very well used- words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design by Allan Chochinov.
A little bit of good reading for our own benefit. Like the author said: The power of design is an amazing thing. Let’s wield it wisely.
Our interview with Sophie Thomas also has a lot of interesting material.

Meet the Schaffas

“Adelaideans Sam Barratt & Chris Edser, have hand-picked art-friends from all over the world to customize their own breed of schaffas. They were each sent a similar blank shape and given free reign to add, subtract, paint or destroy these objects. The response was inspiring with a wide variety of styles and approaches covered.”
Meet the Schaffers here.
(or in person at Urban Cow Gallery in Adelaide until the end of June)
Look closely for Schaffas by Fabricante Scott, Lars and Gabo, and a host of former ones.


The perfect daily reminder to a less wasteful life, the Greenhouse, was designed by Swedish studio JANTZE BROGÅRD ASSHOFF, which creates useful products with a poetic soul and playful character (perhaps as playful as their name…)

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