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Lemon Cheaper

You can now have your own Starck’s lemon squeezer! No need to save money, using standard kitchen utensils, you can create your design piece, much cheaper this way… Reappropriate the design back into the kitchen, a place little seen by original Starck squeezers that are more often displayed as sculpture in living-rooms rather than used for culinary purposes…

Picture 15

Milano Milano

I finally made it to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile on Saturday, and boy was I blown

away. I have been to Milan many times before, but this was my first time to the furniture

show. It felt like the whole city was my chocolate factory, I really didn’t know where to start.

Luckily my flatmate and I caught up with a friend of a friend at brunch, and he gave us

some quick pointers of where to begin.


It rained all day, I got very damp and cold sharing one umbrella, but I managed to see

some pretty cool stuff.


I absolutely loved this chair! It is by Georg Bechter, a German architect. It caught my

eye from a couple of booths away, it’s a visual feast don’t you think?



This table is by an Italian furniture designer Ivo Leemans. The legs are joint together to

support the table through the two holes. Yes ladies and gentleman, no glues used!



For me the beauty of this rocking chair is the craftsmanship. It’s by Laboratorio

Controprogetto. Wouldn’t it look amazing in an English cottage, by the fire place….on a

cold winter’s night…?


Even the famous via Monte Napoleone was adorned with beautiful lamp shades.



These are some more stuff that I liked, but sadly I can’t remember who their designers are.


I really like these, very weird and wonderful!



These adorable little stools looked too good to sit on, so I had to ask first (to avoid any embarrassments).


….….so she stood on it to prove it to me.


That hammock would probably be more comfortable with a couple of pillows thrown in.



I literally stopped when I saw this light, yes it’s even more beautiful in real life!



….and last but not least, one of the Fabrica Exhibitions. Certainly a unique take on ceramics.


This is my favorite, I love the combination of metal and ceramic.


That’s all folks!


Did anyone’s else go the exhibition? I would love to see some pics, especially as I only

went for a day.

Feel free to visit my blog for more design stuff.


cheap origami

rainbow origami

I found this colorful little package in the ¥100 shop.

Budapest Design Week 09 – WAMP

The past Sunday marked the end to this year’s Budapest Design Week. A notable event conclusion was the Finnish-Hungarian WAMP, a designer’s market offering fun and inspiring designs. (photos from Oct 11th, 2009)

During WAMP

During WAMP at the Magyar Iparmüvészeti Múzeum in Budapest.

PUCC sweetwear

By Heim Zsuzsi, PUCC sweetwear

PUCC sweetwear

By Heim Zsuzsi, PUCC sweetwear

PUCC sweetwear

By Heim Zsuzsi, PUCC sweetwear

Beograd Bag

Beograd Bag made from reused bicycle tubes.


Salt and Pepper shaker by Lublóy Zoltán

Bicycle Tire Belts

Reused bicycle tires as belts by 1mindeg

Reused Bicycle Tire Necklace

Reused bicycle tires as necklace by 1mindegy

Art Watches

Amazing art watches by Óra Mü

Art Watches

Amazing art watches by Óra Mü

Art Watches

Amazing art watches by Óra Mü

Just For Dogs

Stately dog leashes by Márton Strohner, JFD.

E-mail at,

Pee to Fertilizer


Pee at the Ars and Electronica Festival 09.

Pee at the Ars Electronica Festival 09.

Rich Bubbly Fertilizer

Rich Bubbly Fertilizer

This was one notable souvenir from this year’s Ars Electronica Festival and I didn’t expect my urine sample can be so endearing to me. But give it to artists Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray and they’ll chemically transform any summer-grass smelling urine into rich bubbly fertilizer for your household plants. The drink.pee.drink.pee.drink.pee project takes on an epic challenge to curb pollutants  in our urine from getting into out waterways. 

It’s Nice That publishes again

issue2_plus_rob.jpgIt’s Nice That just released a second issue containing highlights from their blog and interviews with Boo Ritson, Rafaël Rozendaal, United Visual Artists, Karlssonwilker and more. They have also released an exclusive screen print by Rob Ryan which comes with every copy of the publication pre-ordered before midnight on 30 September. We’re looking forward to getting a copy of this!

Flags By Color

Picture 178.png
In his Flags By Color project, Shahee Ilyas uses a list of countries generated by The World Factbook along with the world’s national flag images fetched from Wikipedia to produce a series of charts that break down the color proportions for each flag. These proportions of color are then displayed in a single chart revealing the color proportions of all of the flags of the world combined. This project was generated entirely with script.

Naoyuki Ishitsuka

Picture 177.png
Nao Ishitsuka has an interesting portfolio.
In particular Universal visual language.
What do you think about it? Do comment!

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