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Glass House

People who live in this house, should not throw stones! (…yes am quite proud of that sentence – pun intended)


This stunning glass house is the brainchild of santambrogiomilano, an Italian architecture and design firm. I think the setting also adds to the beauty, very ice queen meets modern winter wonderland. To be honest, am getting pretty fed up with the gigantic glass and steel buildings that are dominating most urban cities. However, in this context it looks fresh and new.


Did I mention that it comes with a set of furniture made completely from glass too?



I love it, would stay in it, but never live in it! Would you?

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chris ware

Today I found some wooden cabinets that comics creator Chris Ware made, influenced by Joseph Cornell. This cabinet has a slot for keys, and when you put one in, you get the first version of the Jimmy Corrigan “island story”. Apparently, many people mistook it for a coin slot, and on one financially desperate day he dissembled it to take out $10 in coins and went out and bought eggs, milk and tortillas.


And, of course, a Chris Ware post wouldn’t be complete without a robot reference.

Airport Security Follies

Don’t you just hate Airport Security? Particularly in certain countries, where their security procedures are so ridiculous they are even funny. This cartoon collection of Airport Security Follies has some really nice techniques and a great sense of humor.

Yuko Shimizu

Here you can find amazing work by Yuko Shimizu, a very successful and young Japanese illustrator living in NY.
Cover “Revenge of the Geisha Girl,” for XFuns Magazine (Taiwan).

Retro Onomatopoeia
Here you can find a collection of comic retro sounds. Nice colors and prints.

Techno Tuesday


Techno Tuesday


Techno Tuesday

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Techno Tuesday


Techno Tuesday


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