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French Marion Bataille came up with ABC3D, a pop-up book as much as a work of art.

This is just a hand-made mock-up of the actual book, but the good news is that it will be published in October this year.
One of those books you want to keep forever.

J(erome) D(avid) Salinger (1919-) Uncollected Writings

This is a great resource for a lot of out of print JD Salinger stories.

From: The Inverted Forest
Not wasteland, but a great inverted forest
with all foliage underground.

Vintage Science

The old days where design was more important than production.
Here you can find an awesome flickr set of Vintage Science Book Illustrations.
Innocent, colorful, simple and useful.

An adventure to color!

This is quite possibly the best thing i have seen this year. Yes that’s right. Brandon Bird has taken America’s best crime drama, Law & Order, and turned it into an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride of a coloring book.
Click here to browse the pages. And then buy one.
Thanks Meryl.

Literature and lists

aNobii – For literature and list enthusiasts. Make a list of your book collection, share your playlist with others, and find work that you should’ve long ago through those who have similar tastes.

the Kurt Vonnegut Library

Now you can love Kurt Vonnegut (which you most certainly should) all you want (which should be most all of your time) for free! At the Kurt Vonnegut library, you can download every one of his novels in PDF, .doc, and mp3 format.

Wesley Willis

Nice new book by Wesley Willis, published by Nives, Zurich.


Some of us suckers also do good things. Shtoriesh by Matt Prins. Filmed by Brad Hasse.

In almost every pictures

The guy Erik Kesselkramer from flat Holland does some good books. For example this one. He found a collection of hundreds of photos taken by a husband of his wife during the years 1956 to 1968 on a flea market in Barcelona. Why not make a book, he thought. Sometimes it’s so easy.

In Almost Every Picture

I bought a very lovely book of photos from the Photographers Gallery in London. That book was composed by Erik Kessels. It is one book in a series sharing the same title, “In Almost Every Picture.” Each book focuses on one particular subject. This one is of animals in the wild taken by a motion detecting camera. Here are some of those pictures.

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