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These books are still for sale at Amazon.

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If you enjoy postcards like I do, you will love this new book by London based FL@33. A celebration of recent postcard design with 800 examples featuring over 100 artists, illustrators, photographers, designers and collectives from around the world.
Postcards” will be release between August and September and it contains 20 free designer postcards to send or collect. Sweet!

Fantasy Cartography

Fantasy Maps offers you a whole new world. One that in the past you could only imagine: a collection of maps from various fantasy and science fiction works for your viewing.
From literature, the Bible, television programs, movies to video games. From Atlantis, Lost, Star Wars to Flash Gordon’s Mongo, there are many worlds ready to be to explored!

Harper’s minimal realism

The Golden Book of Biology” came out around 1961 and it has some of the most amazing illustrations ever.
Charley Harper, the man behind the art, described his unique visual style as “minimal realism,” capturing the essence of his subjects with the fewest possible visual elements. Very inspiring!

The Wall by Peter Sís

“I was born at the beginning of it all, on the Red side—the Communist side—of the Iron Curtain.”
Through annotated illustrations, journals, maps, and dreamscapes, Peter Sís shows what life was like for a child who loved to draw, proudly wore the red scarf of a Young Pioneer, stood guard at the giant statue of Stalin, and believed whatever he was told to believe.
Until he discovered a world full of possibilities.
The Wall, Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain,” a children’s book for all ages, proves that creativity can be discouraged, but not easily killed. A masterpiece!

Typefaces for a good cause

Create/Reject is based in the UK and specializes in design, typography and art direction. It is also responsible for the book Fifty Designer’s Current Favourite Typefaces, which is not just a pretty nice idea, but also a very kind project since 100% of the price goes to UNICEF.

The Other Side

The idea behind the book “The Other Side” just fascinates me. Each page has a corresponding opposite, so we get to see the “two sides of the picture”. Here is a door, what’s on the other side?

Hungarian Istvan Banyai, artist and designer, uses his characteristic stylized illustrations to surprise us with the answer.

Between The Lines

“A Jalousie (French for jealousy) is a window that one can see through but not be seen; barriers that allow us to observe the world without being invited to the table.”
Humboldt, Between The Lines is an editorial project for “Urban Jealousy,” theme of the First International Roaming Biennial of Tehran and I am absolutely in love with it.


It is usually pretty disappointing to watch a film based on a great book, but this time I am having some faith. Blindness is a movie adapted from the masterwork “Ensaio sobre a cegueira (Essay on Blindness),” by Nobel-Laureate Portuguese José Saramago. It is also directed by Academy Award-nominee Fernando Meirelles, director of one of the greatest films ever made, “City of God.”
To make the story a little bit better, prodigious, sweetheart, breathtaking and compatriot Gael García Bernal is also starring.
Will be in theatres until September 19th this year.
Click here for the trailer.

Excellent Book Covers and Paperbacks

Very hard to design, book covers pretty much communicate the idea behind the book on one single page and in the spite of seconds. Good ones are unforgettable and also a great source of inspiration.
Smashing Magazine, willing to provide you with some creative, expressive and appealing book covers, came up with 61 Excellent Book Covers and Paperbacks. Enjoy!

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